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  1. Have you guys thought about a Wikipedia sitenotice banner. Given the opensource nature of Project Goosebury, it would offer a change in Wikipedia’s usual bannering, whilst not deviating from the model.
    Although apparently sitenotices are usually wikipedia specific, it is supposedly open to discussion. I.e. the community could except it.

    Btw, nice banner!

  2. I really hope that this takes off, but at the rate that money seems to be coming in, it doesn’t look overwhelmingly promising. What, by any chance, happens if the funding goal isn’t reached/is a bit away from being reached?

    As said, great promo material!

      1. Have you considered taking digital currencies (more specifically dogecoin) as a means to fund the project? This is the kind of thing that the dogecoin community on reddit could totally get behind and help you out on.

  3. Any chance of extending the campaign to 45 more days I think you will make the 500000 goal then

  4. Just want to inform all of you who are working on Project Gooseberry, “If I finish my Movie (DECEPTION) first, I will make History with the worlds first fully Open Source Animated feature film.”

    I guess the race is on. Good luck.

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