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Who makes it?

Blender Institute will bring together twelve indie studios from all over the world, who will contribute each using own style and cultural influences.

Work is expected to take 18 months, with 60-80 people participating full time, supported by a huge online community who will be involved and participate as well.

A Feature Film

The film is about Michel the sheep, who's longing to get an interesting life. It will be a funny, absurdist and adventurous love story, directed by Mathieu Auvray.

Script development is currently ongoing and will continue until August.

Coders and Artists

Since 2005, Blender's biggest success was to team up artists and developers to work on challenging short film and game production.

It has been this synergy – to have software developers only work on what's really needed – that makes the investment in content projects such a great development model for open source creation software. Read the development roadmap.

Sharing everything

This film will be 100% owned by the makers. Benefits of a limited exploitation window will go to the people who helped realizing the film. After that, everything will be published and shared freely as Creative Commons.

What's in it for you?

There's only so little you can give away to supporters of a crowdfunded film. So – what's better than giving them full access to the whole production, while it develops?

Blender Cloud

Blender Cloud is a high quality web service in which we share all data of our previous films, all our training videos, and a continuous stream of data from the Gooseberry studios.

Blender Cloud subscribers can watch the creation progress closely, share this, learn from it, and even contribute back to it.

Stay on board for 18 months and you get your movie credit as reward!

Blender Cloud: open training and data

A worldwide network of professionals will share their workflow and assets with you.

Meet the Gooseberry Studios

Autour de Minuit

(Paris, France)

Producer Nicolas Schmerkin has an Oscar for best animation short. He also made Babioles, directed by Mathieu Auvray. The Paris unit will be art-directed by David Revoy.

Character Mill

(Sydney, Australia)

Founders Kim & James Neale, the creators of 'Kajimba' and 'Lighthouse', will coordinate the Australian unit.

CG Cookie

(Chicago, USA)

Wes Burke and Jonathan Williamson run the popular Blender Cookie training site, and are currently building an animation studio. Art director is Kent Trammell.

Gecko Animation

(London, UK)

Gecko Animation – well known for VFX work – will work with art director Jonathan Ball (Pokedstudio) and with 2013 Suzanne winner Chris Burton as animation director.


(San Luis, Argentina)

This studio started working in 2013 on an ambitious 3D stereo animated feature film, Kiribati, fully made with Blender.

Kampoong Monster

(Bandung, Indonesia)

Here concept artist Alfi Zachkyelle will work with animation director Johan Tri Handoyo (OHA Studios) and a large team of Indonesian Blender artists.

Studio Lumikuu

(Helsinki, Finland)

Lumikuu has experienced Blender developers on board. Art direction will be done by Manu Jarvinen. Iron Sky’s Timo Vuorensola is available for support.

MAD Entertainment

(Naples, Italy)

Paolo Acampora and Ivan Cappiello surprised us last year with the impressive character rigs and cartoon rendered “Skeleton Story”.

Ovni VFX

(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Teisson Fróes – founder and lead artist of Ovni VFX – will coordinate a large team of the best Brazilian artists.

Pataz Studio

(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Well known Blender artists Daniel Salazar and Sarah Laufer established this studio.

Pitchi Poy

(Tel Aviv, Israel)

This studio makes commercials for large clients and currently develops a Blender feature film as well: “Baldy”. Art director: Noam Meshulam.


(Mumbai, India)

Here the feature film “Naughty 5” is currently being completed. Art director: Pratik Solanki.

Blender Institute

(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

This is the production headquarters, Ton Roosendaal, several key Blender developers, a team of artists and director Mathieu Auvray will work.

How can I help?


Donations of 20€ and more will get early access to a private online screening and film download.

Donators will get the choice of a refund if we don't reach our campaign goal.

Blender Cloud Membership

For 45€ you get three months access to the data from previous Open Movies and Workshop training videos. The Gooseberry teams use it to cooperate, to share data and to get you involved.

Stick around with us for 15 more months (10€/month), and get your Film Credit!

Film Credit

Donations starting at 175€ will get a name mention on the website and the film credit scroll.

Donators will get the choice of a refund if we don't reach our campaign goal.

Gooseberry connects the film makers with their audience.

Gooseberry Campaign Dashboard

The campaign started March 9, and will end 60 days later on May 8th 2014. Our target is to get 5,000 people to subscribe to Blender Cloud, and a campaign total of 500k euro (donations and subscriptions together).

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