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Animago Award for Cosmos Laundromat!

16 October, 2015 |  10 Comments | by Francesco Siddi

Cosmos Laundromat just won the Jury’s Award at Animago, a worldwide renowned contest in the entire field of 3D animation, still, visual effects and visualization!

Pictures below: the award catalog with great cover! And the jury report in German. I’m sure someone will post a translation here :)

animagojury animagoawardcover

10 Responses

  1. Frank Busch says:

    Congratulations. You guys rocked it. Cool

  2. Ralf Weber says:

    Madness , a mad success for Blender . Others have to make the first time . Great!!

  3. Aclariel says:

    Well deserved!

  4. Pincelbit says:

    Excellent, I think Blender is a great program, and creativity perfectly complements

  5. Mr. J says:

    Well, my English is not the best, but German is my native language. I tried my best to translate the Text in the second Image:

    Special price of the Jury

    The Jury says:

    For free is no good? This film proves the contrary: Through every CG-blade of grass within the Environment blows the Wind and the Eyes as well as the Hair of the two CG-characters are spraying real live. That all was realized with the open source tool Blender, that does not always offer a secure Workflow – compared with commercial tools. The efforts of the Artists resulted in a sensational quality, that is rewarded with the “special price of the Jury”,
    the animago AWARD goes too…

    • Jacob M Andersen says:

      hahaha, i just finished my own translation when i saw yours! I think our translations convey the message pretty well!

    • Mr. J says:

      *text, *image (or picture), *jury, *environment, * wind, *eyes, *hair, *workflow, *artists

  6. Be-Sal says:

    The jury report is a bit like an award for the novel by Boris Vian “the foam of the days” -only- for typesetting and book and cover.

  7. Jacob M Andersen says:


    The jury says :

    Free of charge is no good? This movie proves the opposite: The wind is blowing across every CG blade of grass in the environment, and the eyes and hair of both CG characters gives the impression of true life. Everything was realized using the free Open Source Tool Blender, which never guarantees a reliable workflow, compared to commercial tools. The effort of the artists resulted in a sensational quality, which is rewarded with “The Jurys Special Prize”, The animago AWARD goes to…

  8. Tony Beardmore says:

    I found this in the middle of the night, on Netflix, from here in Kansas… This is an excellent film! I’m intrigued as to where it was going & want to see the 2nd & 3rd cycles. It was well filmed & I am left wanting more. If they are looking for funds, perhaps they can get fan-funded like Super Troopers 2. If not, perhaps I can be directed to the next cycles.

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