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Artists at Work (and making the video)

28 January, 2015 |  8 Comments | by Elysia Brenner

Cosmos Laundromat director shows off all the intense artistic work going into the pilot in the Blender Animation Studio today in his new video edit. Feel the concentration.

Featuring (in order of appearance)…
Manu Järvinen
Andy Goralcyzk
Beorn Leonard
Francesco Siddi
Pablo Vazquez
Sarah Laufer
The Blender disco ball

This video was, of course, made using the Blender Sequencer tool. Mathieu even shows you exactly how in this timelapse making-of:

May you all have just as productive a “hump day” in your parts of the world!

8 Responses

  1. The most amazing work has to be done by amazing people!
    Hello from Chicago!

  2. BTW: Beorn is here for a week, to backup for Hjalti who urgently had to go back to Iceland. Hjalti’s back next week!

  3. Aclariel says:

    Great people at work.

    Quick question, did you make proxy for all you videos, or is there a new option for faster handling of HD material? Thanks in advance :)

    Kind regards Aclariel.

    • matray says:

      Hey ACLARIEL,
      Well no, I work with Prores .mov footage on my mac laptop, 35% of HD size set in render panel, no OSA on, and AVSync enabled. And most of the time it’s okay to playback. Every time it slows down, hit the “refresh sequencer” button and that empties the Ram cache and plays smooth again… We’re working on my workflow for the edit of the whole movie with proxys, and we’re trying to improve the proxy in the sequencer. Soon I’ll publish a video about that when it’s fixed here.

      • Aclariel says:

        Amazing, I’ll have to try that.
        Thank you for your reply MATRAY, really appreciate it. I’m looking foward for your video.
        Thanks a million.

        Kind regards, Aclariel.

  4. Jonatan says:

    Why is the Wall-E poster on the wall mirrored?

    • matray says:

      hey JONATAN,
      Most of the poster in the institute are mirrored because they come from displays that are lighten like in bus stops or tramway stops. So to be displayed correctly they have to be hanged the wrong way… (I’m assuming that’s the reason but I didn’t have actually checked… I have to ask :) )

    • Special poster edition!

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