Blu-Ray discs finally available!

19 October, 2015 |  10 Comments | Gallery | by Francesco Siddi

After some delay the Bly-Ray version of Cosmos Laundromat is finally available and is being shipped to everyone who preordered it! It’s been a long wait, but the content will be worth it. We are talking about:

  • The original HD and 2k version of the 12 minutes film
  • Documentary material, timelapse videos and a lot of tutorials from the entire team
  • All of the production files used to make the film (.blend, textures, sims)
  • The Blender “gooseberry” branch binary, and the Blender 2.76 version.
  • 32 GB of final renders in 2048 x 858 PNG.

If you did not order it yet, you can do it here. Get them while they are hot!

10 Responses

  1. Aclariel says:

    That is great news!
    I can’t wait to get them.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Kevin M. says:

    It felt like a long wait for me! I don’t blame anyone for it; I wouldn’t have known that blu-ray authoring was such a massive pain either. But the thing is I haven’t watched the movie yet! I wanted to wait and see it for the first time on my blu-ray copy, which kept turning into a much longer wait than I anticipated! What I did do was on day 1 when it first was released on youtube I went and turned it on to help make it go viral, then turned off the sound and walked away! I’m really excited to finally see it!

  3. Jakub Machałek says:

    BD arrived to Poland today :)

  4. Aclariel says:

    Hello to you all.
    Just to confirm that I’ve just received my blu-ray, DVD and USB card by mail today. I’m in Quebec Canada. It took longer because of the delays attached to the unpredictable complications for the blu-ray. I understand and don’t mind the delays. They feel nice on my face! Can’t wait to go trough all this stuff. Thank you again to the entire team, and to you Ton.

    Best regards, Stéphane.

  5. Peter says:

    Just got the disk in Switzerland today. My system decided to argue with the HDCP (according to PowerDVD – the PS3 just shows black) although Gravity, for example, still plays just fine. Probably my temperamental old monitor. At any rate, the video files look nice and play without issue. Good old non-proprietary formats. ^_^

    And man, did it look fantastic!! The initiating subject matter’s not my bag, but I liked the film on the whole nevertheless. And it was really, really nice to look at. Can’t wait to dig into the other materials, but alas, it is time to sleep.

  6. Got mine late last week in Missouri, USA! Huzzah!

  7. Andreas says:

    Received my BluRay last Friday — the 2K video on the data part of the disk looks great! Thanks to everyone involved for creating this astonishing first piece of a movie!

    Two questions:
    – I was a bit confused when if found out that the video part of the disc was encrypted with AACS. Does the BluRay standard require this? Of course I can still play it back with VLC but this requires me to circumvent AACS, which might not be legal.
    – Why did you interlace the video on the video part of the disc?

  8. young_voter says:


    I’ve received my blu ray discs, but I can’t seem to find any tutorials on them. Does anyone know which directory are these tutorials located in?


    • young_voter says:

      Please somebody help me as which directory holds the tutorials. Since this is what’s should be in the box.

      Documentary material, timelapse videos and a lot of tutorials from the entire team.

      I truly can’t find these tutorials in both BD discs.


  9. Ralphi says:

    Bought the Blu-ray but can’t find any Tutorials.
    The Tutorials were one of the main reasons I bought it.

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