Campaign wrap up – the Pilot

6 May, 2014 |  118 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

After almost 2 months of campaigning it’s time to make some final conclusions about the results sofar. I think it’s fair to do this now, and not whip up a lot of energy and stress to make it to the final goal in just two days. Let’s wrap it up! The conclusion is clear:

  • There’s not enough support to make a feature film. Yet!

And here is a plan for how to move on and keep the good things we’ve achieved sofar. 

  • We will make a 10-15 minute high quality Pilot of the film, which gets released as stand-alone short film. Working period will be September 2014 – April/May 2015.
  • We will go full steam ahead with development projects to make Blender awesome, work on Cloud (content and features), on digital asset management. This was made possible by the already granted EU Media subsidy anyway
  • We put involvement by the 12 other studio partners on hold. Some might help on the Pilot though, but most of the work will be done here in Blender Institute.

Mathieu Auvray, David Revoy, Esther Wouda will continue work on this starting in June/July.

Similar to the previous plan, all work will be done and shared in open production with Cloud members, available as Creative Commons for everyone (CC-BY or CC-BY-SA).

When the Pilot is ready, we have three options for how we can continue, make the full feature film, and bring back the studio teams (and/or recruit new teams).

  • Amount of sponsors and cloud subscriptions has grown substantially (10k Supporters).
  • The Pilot creates substantial interest and financial support by big sponsors, distributors, or tv/web channels.
  • Accept loans and investments, also for smaller amounts (crypto shares?).That could be organized as a short period of additional crowd-funding.

If the Pilot just doesn’t give market/community interest we just happily move on to a next project.

For everyone who has supported us until now:

  • Anyone who pledged can get a refund, get it canceled or activated. Everyone will be contacted for this within a few days. We will handle it all carefully, it might take some manual work so it can take up to a week to process everything.

But of course we prefer you to stay on board. :) Rewards for this will be:

  • Film Download sponsors: your donation is worth a full discount on purchasing a Gooseberry support product later.
  • Cloud subscribers: your Pilot credit will be rewarded if you stay on board for 8 months.
  • Credit pledges + 18 month prepaid subscribers: you get a special bigger credit in the Pilot scroll.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold pledges: you get an even bigger credit in the Pilot scroll.


  • Everyone who paid 20 euro ($25.60) or more (incl. download sponsors): your 20 euro discount will be valid for any Gooseberry support product in our e-store (shirts, dvds, blurays, usb sticks, posters, etc).
  • We will ONLY reward this 20 euro ($25.60) discount to people who supported us during the campaign! That’s our special thank-you for helping out.
    (Subscribers or donations after thursday 17h CEST don’t get this discount.)

And most of all: if we do the feature film, your original perk will still be valid:

  • Early digital download of the film
  • Cloud subscribers: a credit if you were on board for 18 months minimally
  • Credit sponsors: what we promised you’ll get.


All in all it has been quite a ride this campaign. We do have over 4000 people who supported us in one way or another. I really like it to reward their trust in us and do something great the coming many months. But I also hope everyone understands that doing a full feature animation film is not an option to start with right now.

Thanks on behalf of everyone,



118 Responses

  1. I think this is the right way to move ahead, I particularly like the idea of a high quality pilot to attract more sponsors. There’s no question of cancelling my pledge, I’m staying onboard and I’ll try to add more to it as soon as I manage to set some amount aside.

    Thanks, Ton! My best wishes for the road ahead for Gooseberry!

    • If everyone stays on board in the cloud and activates pledges, we do have a good budget to hire a decent amount of people on the pilot. So yes – I also want this to be totally amazing awesome! Thanks :)

      • Thomas says:

        Hi Ton,

        Thanks for all your work, and thanks to all who put so much effort into Gooseberry. Of course I stay on board. I hope next year blender and all blenderheads get a second chance for a full feature film.


      • PhysicsGuy says:

        Great decision Ton. I will certainly not withdraw my pledge.

      • Alexandre says:

        please, it is not necessary contact me, ACTIVATE IMEDIATE my 18 moths subscription, lets do this High Pilot film…..


        • James Nelson says:

          Same here, when I made the pledge I’d already determined to set the funds aside. Might as well get started!

      • Joey says:

        Thanks for all the hard work on this! My pledge was because I love you guys and the work you do, so there’s no question of canceling. Hopefully I’ll be able to up it to a full subscription when the time comes to make the feature!

      • Alexandre says:

        Hi ton,
        please, it is not necessary contact me, ACTIVATE IMEDIATE my 18 moths subscription, lets do this High Pilot film…..


        • Joss says:

          I’m here to stay too. Hopefully the pilot will clarify the pitch giving more people the reason/motivation/confidence to join in.

          As someone else said, perhaps its harder for people to back a “pipeline” than specific features in Blender. Let’s see!

      • Io ammiro il grande lavoro che state facendo.
        Mi piace essevi d’aiuto perchè siete molto produttivi e controtendenza.
        Ho conosciuto blender e dopo un iniziale periodo di indifferenza ho abbandonato il software che usavo scoprendo che blender è un software 3d completo, affidabile, sempre disponibile a 360 gradi ed europeo.

  2. Djordje says:

    This way or another we stay with you. Keep up good work and perfecting up our most used free 3d tool.


    • To be extra clear: everyone who pledged, donated or subscribed will get a mail with instructions how to proceed. Within two days!

  3. We are with you onboard Ton, let’s go! This project will be awesome, and there are many breakthoroughs to be done in development also! GOOD LUCK!

  4. Manuel says:

    Is it opt-in or opt-out?
    (Definetly staying on board with you guys!)

  5. I think this is a very wise decision. A good trailer could possible get those people on board who are doubtful. Definitely not cancelling my donation.

  6. David says:

    I don’t really use Blender but I love the work you and other users do with it and I love you approach. I’m in no matter what :)

    • Luc says:

      Same here. I don’t have the talent/patience to create anything slightly more complex as the default cube but nonetheless I also really like how the Blender project is run and the community surrounding it.
      Good luck with Gooseberry. We’ll see it full feature length one day, no doubt about it!

  7. xavikax says:

    Nice solution, I think everything will come, just in smaller steps.

    Fair winds and following seas.

  8. Lis says:

    I’m happy to be on board and stay there:) Sounds like a good new approach, wish you all the best!

  9. I wish you the film project goes great, both artistically and in the organizational side, whatever the final scale! :)

    That’s great news that some people of external studios will continue their work on Gooseberry!

  10. Yaniv G. says:

    Years of free software, reporting bugs and download fixed version day after…

    I’m here to stay.
    Thanks for the past, Thanks for the present,
    and thanks for the future.

    I wish I could pledge more.

  11. 4museman says:

    I think, there is no reason for cancelling of our support. We also want this project to be as gorgeous as possible and Blender the greatest tool in known universe! ;)

  12. Witold Jaworski says:

    I pledged this project twice :), and of course I am staying on board!
    Just to improve Blender and support the “open cloud” idea!

  13. Palmer says:

    Great courage Ton.

    Have faith in GOD! GOD has never failed, and HE can’t fail us on this project either. I’m new to Blender (a seasoned Cinema 4D & After Effects user). The features of Blender are amazing! And I’m switching over to Blender full-time!

    I’m subscribing tomorrow morning-May 7, 2014. I heard the news late, just last week

    You have my support for as long as necessary, even beyond this current project.

    I’m definitely subscribing tomorrow

    • Juan Romero says:

      GOD? WTF??? please, keep this comments bullshit free

      • I keep this blog free of posts that intend to be harmful or intend to poison the conversation. Palmer is just enthusiast. Let’s keep it friendly and positive here? Bullshit is easy to ignore you know :)

        • bob says:

          > I keep this blog free of posts that intend to be harmful or intend to poison the conversation.

          then why don’t you remove his insulting comment?
          And when you’re at it remove yours, since you seem to be impliying his message is bullshit.

        • Juan Romero says:

          Ton, you`ve replied to my comments two times, this one and another where I said I didn’t like a goat for a main character, so I’m covered in shame.
          You are the person I admire the most in the computer software world, and Blender is my favourite software, by far, so…
          I’d like to apologize for saying bullshit (not the rest of the message).
          I hope there won’t be a third time when you have to reply on one of my unfortunate comments :)

  14. horace says:

    first i thought i would reduce my cloud subscription pledge for a short.

    but the pilot idea sounds very good to me! i will subscribe for 18 months.

    i hope so much that the pilot will attract enough people for doing the feature film! :) i am looking forward to it. and all the cloud stuff.

  15. BernAr says:

    Of course I stay on board to have the pleasure to test the cloud for 18 months supporting this high quality PILOT and helping Blender to get better and better! Thanks again for your vision Ton. We’re lucky to have the opportunity to participate to a new way of developping free creation :-) Mathieu, David and Esther are a great choice to go ahead! All the best to every one involved.

  16. John Smith says:

    I am staying on board I would recommend building an audience using prefundia and then do an indiegogo campaign for publicity reasons

    • We stayed away from indiegogo or kickstarter for reasons. Our project concept and the free/open philosophy wouldn’t have attracted a lot of funding there. We can safely claim that Gooseberry has the world-record crowd-funding for animation film already.

      We’ll post some more stats about the campaign later – but the impression is that over 95% of the funding came from people who already know Blender or hangout in circles where CG and open source is a recurring topic.
      The gifts from people ‘who just think this is cool’ is really welcome, but relatively small. On indiegogo we might have had 1000 more gifts of a few dollar. Wouldn’t have made the film possible.

      • Tim says:

        “over 95% of the funding came from people who already know Blender or hangout in circles where CG and open source is a recurring topic”

        “On indiegogo we might have had 1000 more gifts of a few dollar. Wouldn’t have made the film possible.”

        I think you are interpreting these stats very wrong. To me this clearly shows that you failed to market this campaign well enough outside the Blender community. You have an amazing recognisable brand in Blender, just about anyone working in IT knows what Blender is and yet I did not hear about this campaign on any one of the many tech websites I visit daily (I just happen to stumble across a link on the linux sub reddit).

        Given what you were trying to achieve even getting some exposure in some unrelated open source circle would have got additional funding. I say this as someone who as managed to crowdfund $7,000 to work on something as boring as Linux OpenGL drivers despite having no previous experience contributing to that project.

        Now for point two. You call the donations from people outside the Blender community ‘gifts dollars’ because thats what they were. You offered NOTHING of extra value to those outside the Blender community. Where were the collectors addition limited print DVD’s of the first ever Blender animated move? Only 1000 ever made at say $200 each. Where is the prints, dvds, or even just digital downloads containing scen’s, models, etc that never made it to production or even those that did? Where are the perks? Use your imagination you guys are supposed to be the creative ones ;-) There are so many easy things you could have done that would have provided extra incentive to donate at very little cost/organisation. You seem to have forgotten about the biggest ace up your sleeve when it came to your perks and that is the movie itself.

        • If things work so easy or obvious or logical everyone would be successfully crowd funding open source film projects. The previous similar (and most successful) example was Tube, on Kickstarter, and it got 30k dollar. Tube did everything according the rules (and your advice).

          We made 400k dollar, and via subscriptions that would reach to the 900k dollar. That is not “in spite of”, that is “thanks to” our very well thought out and smart constructed campaign offering.

          Blender is already crowdfunding since 2002, and we’re always very successful with it. I think we’ve proven this in the past, but it was also limited, at best we could expect 50-100k in. It was time to prove we can do something bigger together. By rethinking it, and doing it a level nobody did it before.

          I would really have liked to see you being right, but unfortunately open source communities hardly contribute anything to projects like ours.

      • Joey says:

        Just as a comment about what Tim said, I can tell you personally that I had no idea this was even going on until right before the campaign got extended, and that was only because I’d visited the Blender site for the first time in a few months and saw the Gooseberry banner. I appreciate how hard you’ve been working on this, but some extra exposure might help!

      • S J Bennett says:

        Did you come across Patreon? It’s a subscription-based crowdfunding system, much more like what you’re doing with Blender Cloud.

  17. John Smith says:

    Also these crowdsourcing campaigns should be a monthly thing and there are 2 features I would to have in blender cloud improved subscription features and using mediagoblin as the player rather than the current one

  18. DigiDio says:

    I think it’s a very good approach to make this all happening. Love the story, love the blender cloud, and love to the next step and for all do it with a world funding. I Don’t want my money back I want this dream project realized.

    Go for it Blender team.

  19. So the campaign for the feature film continues under a new skin

    Goosberry has the potential to change the way people expect films are created. Auite possibly it might even set the mould for future movie making. I still think it is possible to achive this goal, just not how any of us expected. A cunny idea, a Piolt would not only produce alot more “hype” from the blender community, but it would also receive attention from outside the blender user crowd: if Gooseberry the Piolt is contagious enough, paving the way for Gooseberry the Feature Film will give this dream a better chance of success!
    My hat off to whoever came up with this deviously brilliant plan, your imagination and sometimes groundbreaking ideas never cease to amaze me! Its the reason I am staying on board as a finical supporter and refuse to terminate my subscription.

    I am pleased to be awaiting the Foundation’s next move with great anticipation!

  20. congcong009 says:

    Still an awesome milestone for Blender in open movie project road map! Please keep up the dream and walk ahead! We will still do what we can do support you guys!

  21. MrBinkley says:

    Great idea! Will definitely be staying with the cloud. Already have learned a ton. Thank you!

  22. Erich Toven says:

    Nearly $900K you guys should be proud.. I would have really liked to see it work the first go around, but this was very ambitious.. :)

  23. Thomas says:

    Im somewhat surprised. No, I didnt pledge. Yes I use Blender. Not for professional work, just a hobby. But Ton, why dont go the “Chris Roberts way”, just campaigning all the way? The long term projection didnt look to bad i think? Anyway, good luck!

  24. S J Bennett says:

    I dig this idea. I’m in.

    So.. you’re making the first act of the whole film, introducing the world-hopping aspect as the film’s hook and as a dramatic/technical/artistic proof of concept, then ending it on the turning point into Act 2? Is that more or less the plan?

  25. I am staying on board too. Looking forward to the pilot.


  26. S J Bennett says:

    Also I think Gooseberry may have set a world record for animation crowdfunding: the Gooseberry target is out in front of “Bee and Puppycat” by about $13,000 – B&C is the highest funded animation project I can find on Kickstarter. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Benjamin Tolputt says:

      Well, I don’t think that’s a very appropriate comparison. Bee & PuppyCat were successful in their crowd-funding target, would get nothing it they didn’t meet their target, exceeded their target, and definitely got all the money they raised from the campaign.

      Project Gooseberry was neither successful in the first (or second, continued) campaigns, has set itself up to be able to keep pledged funds despite failing, missed both the funding & supporter targets set, and it is still to be seen how much money they will get given people can (&, realistically, some will) cancel their Blender Cloud subscription before having paid all the money included in the total quoted.

      It’s a grand effort & powerful result by Blender… but if you’re going to claim a world record has been broken, it’s probably best not to be comparing apples with oranges ;)

      • S J Bennett says:

        Provisionally world record setting then?


        You’re right though. :)

        It’s still a hefty amount of cashola – more than all but six animation projects on Kickstarter at the time of writing. Nothing to be sniffed at.

    • Bee and Puppycat is a 2d animation series.

      We claimed the category ‘animation feature film’ or even ‘3d animation film’ ;)

      • Benjamin Tolputt says:

        The other points still stand. You haven’t yet raised all the money in your total, the campaign actually failed twice to reach targets set, and you are keeping money despite these failures.

        Pitting Gooseberry against other successful, all-or-nothing campaigns isn’t a fair comparison. Not taking away from your success, cos you did raise a lot of money, but it’s not one that can be stood side-by-side others like “Little Witch Academia 2” ($625,518 successfully raised & paid) whilst claiming the record from them ;)

        • S J Bennett says:

          “Non-sequel 3D animated feature” :)

          • Benjamin Tolputt says:

            Add “…made by the Blender Institute” and you’ll be home free ;)

  27. Carsten Fisch says:

    I´ll keep my Cloud subscription, no matter what :)

    I will keep my fingers crossed and pray for the feature to happen. Its such a interesting story, i want to SEE THAT FEATURE, man!

    Keep up the good work!

  28. Noah says:

    Which types of credit cards are supported for the monthly subscription? I tried using a Visa and a Discover card and each time I got the error: “Credit card type is not accepted by this merchant account.”

    • We found out Discover is not working for us (EU citizens :).
      Your support mail has been handled now too though!

      • Noah says:

        Thanks for the reply Ton.

        Do Visa cards not work either? I’m getting the same error with my Visa.

        I just want to give you guys my money ;-)

  29. Caleb says:

    I’ll stay on board with you guys all the way. You have vision. And if you keep that for long enough, I know you can eventually get this film done. In the meantime, I’ll do my little part in building up as much hype as possible. :)

    Good luck with the pilot!

  30. James Rosin says:

    That is great. One thing that could help is there are many serious hobbyist users of blender out there. Myself, I am working on a short. What better way to advance your skills than participating in a film? So there is a huge Blender army that could be organized. The infrastructure is there, the challenge is commitment, dedication and building the pipeline. Things like Google hangouts, Google Drive could be used to communicate.

    • Jon Nordby says:

      Hi James, I remember that several of the open movie projects have involved the greater community and asked for their help. I’m sure you will get your chance to contribute with Blender work also for Gooseberry!

      • James Rosin says:

        I am excited to do so. I have worked with Blender 12 hours a day for 5 years. I am retired from the medical field. So now I have the time!:) I have dyslexia so if I can learn Blender anyone can! I think having to struggle has given me a bit of an insight into teaching others Blender. Right now I am reading ‘Blender Production’ by Roland Hesse. Great book!

  31. pwet says:

    Is this the plan B or is it something else ?

  32. Mykolaas says:

    Good plan. Didn’t think to withdraw my pledge in a moment. Keep working and thank you for your passion.

  33. XYZ says:

    I keep the money where it is, it’s well spend anway.

  34. Felipe says:

    when i think of the project being more short i thougth that will be better doing something diferent, but i trust in yours choices.

    Good Luck!

  35. Joystik Studios says:

    I think this is a good choice. I am, of course, disappointed that the feature film will not be made, but a short is better than nothing.

  36. Regis says:

    – “We will go full steam ahead with development projects to make Blender awesome.”
    You forgot the word “more” between Blender and awesome.

  37. Owen Swerkstrom says:

    This is a great way to keep the project moving forward. You can count on keeping my pledge, and I look forward to everything this sets in motion. Another slew of improvements to Blender and another high-quality short film are nothing to sneeze at!

    Beyond that, I’m very keen to watch how all this Blender cloud stuff evolves, and a future crowd-funding effort that gets to use a 10-15 minute “pilot” in its pitch sounds like a recipe for great success to me.

    Gooseberry is dead, long live Gooseberry! :^)

  38. Well, I hope this project takes a new form and goes on. I really would like you to spend that money on making at least a shortfilm and of course improving Blender at the same time. Good luck!

  39. is never easy do great things, but we must try forever.
    so, I think this is a big thing.
    good luck at all

    soon big dreamers :)

  40. Benjamin Tolputt says:

    BTW – when are those emails coming out? Still haven’t got mine and the deadline for refunding people is pretty close is it not?

  41. The original budget wouldn’t have allowed for really spectacular animation, so I hope raising interest with an animated short that non-Blender users can see will raise the budget MUCH further.
    My cloud subscription was meant to support Blender, first and foremost, and I would have supported a short film too, so you can count on my subscription sticking around.
    I was a bit concerned that releasing a short more than 10% the length of the final film would disqualify this film from an Academy Award, but I think the fact that we can download more than 100% of the film(i.e. everything including the models) makes that an impossibility anyway, so FULL STEAM AHEAD!

  42. Stephan Deutsch says:

    I think what most people want to see is another feature sparking leapfrog improvements in Blender again – this is a combination to make them stay on. The campaign is just reversing the financing of it to make it less risky and creating the Blender Cloud is just the way to give Blender supporters a way of sustainable contribution to the development (even beyond the feature project). So I will stay on for sure!

  43. Never fun not to reach a goal! But I do think this is still a very succesful campaign. There is now blender Cloud, and an even stronger creative bond between studios over the world just by making these plans.
    I agree its better to have a quality short, then a feature that hangs together with ducktape.
    Good luck! I’ll stay onboard.

  44. JG Loquet says:

    Staying onboard of course ! I trust the BF and community will push Blender further still, making a cool movie along the way.

  45. On Board says:

    Hi Ton,
    there will be any in-depth page (wiki or blog post) about technical goals you aim for? “new hair/cloth system proposal, asset management / library proposal…”

    We have some general info right now but knowing more would be interesting (node based cloth and hair or something different for example..? How blender will look like after the project?)…this kind of stuff, i suppose most of the donators are user theirselves and this is a big and interesting part of the project (improving Blender)


  46. Edward says:

    I am sorry you guys didn’t make you will still have my support.

  47. Reuben says:

    Staying on board (and doubling my donation). Film or no film, the Blender Foundation has a proven track record of producing some amazing software on an anemic budget.

  48. Michael Braun says:

    Well to bad.

    I think it would be good to start a new project and give all more time.
    It should start in facebook and twitter or other accounts too.

    Maybe also it would be a good way to add this and new projects in user groups or pc magazines.
    Well I think when some would ask them *publishers* to do a free promotion then it will work.

    Also a way for money raising would be to ask some companies.
    Just some ideas.


  49. I agree with your decision. Hard but clear and honest.

    Be clear and honest, with a good project is the beginning for a winning crowdfunding campaign.

    I’m in and I will pledge.

    I collected some info during the campaign, I’d like to share it with you.


  50. Coldbanken says:

    I’ll keep my blender cloud subscription, first, because it’s an awesome service, and second because I think the best investment we (blender users) can make is to support the future of the tools we use.
    Thanks and Good luck!

  51. Omer says:

    I am sure any money donated so far (and will be donated in the new future) will be put to good use for improving Blender significantly. The short film should sufficiently help with this effort in my view. I would rather see this money go to development efforts and I am sure down the road a few studios will develop their own feature length films one way or another using Blender once it matures.

  52. Stewart Kelly says:

    Sorry to learn the Gooseberry Project came up short Ton but I’m not going to ask for a refund and hope the future plans come to fruition; especially the part about making Blender even more awesome than it is already. Best wishes for success with everything you have planned.

  53. lchr says:

    7680 × 4320 24p demo ?

  54. nicosiud says:

    onboard for good ;-D

  55. Olaf says:

    I paid 175 euro’s for a movie credit in advance, but I did this with the assumption that this would be for a full-length movie, not a pilot. Therefore I would like my pledge to be refunded. Maybe I’ll make a smaller pledge instead.

    • That’s all ok, you should have been contacted how to get the pledge cancelled or the refund. If not, email me! ton at

  56. We all want you guys keep going…we will always back you up.. Keep GOINGGGGG!!!!!

  57. Graig Camallere says:

    I salute you Ton and the people who developed blender for continuing to bring us new things for Blender. There’s no turning back now Ton. Though the campaign for a feature film failed, the pilot sounds awesome. I’am in full support of this project and for the future of Blender. I’ll try my best to continue my subscription.

  58. JM says:

    It looks like I’ve been bouncing your emails. I take it I will automatically be refunded.

  59. m.ardito says:

    I’m not jumping off from this fast ride, never thought of doing. I donated to free blender sources, then bought some e-shop item, contributed in some way (pdf manual) and i subscribed (not just pledged) and will go through at least 18 months for sure. And I’m mainly a hobbyst user! I just want Blender to be (more) awesome in space! ;)


  60. sebastian says:

    i really like the idea of this open movie project and the other new features blender will get.
    but since there is nothing about this project on the main page except the link to this page, i can see that the amout of supporters and money does not rise so much anymore.

    people should not forget the project, if they go onto the main page they should see the status of the project. i hope that this could help to increase the amount of supporters and money.

    • We work hard on a new website, new texts and a better presentation. We also had to followup on everyone who subscribed/pledged, and try to get the film project started. Just a lot of work for just a few. Give us a few more weeks :)

  61. kaisaki says:

    Hello Sir Ton, is it possible to still subscribe to the cloud. I have suggested on subscribing to the cloud for our library?
    We want to support the project as much as we can.

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    instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read.
    I’ll definitely be back.

  64. Bela says:

    Blender is awesome. You guys give it to us, so I can at least give a little bit back. I’m staying and hope the whole movie gets done. Keep up the good work folks. Many thanks from me.

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  67. Jeffry says:

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  68. MirceaKitsune says:

    I donated 5 EUR since that’s all I can afford now. But I have no regrets, because this is awesome and whatever happens it’s a big step forward (or at least a great attempt). If your idea succeeds, we might walk into an era where creating open-source movies becomes an actual business. Which would be more than awesome, and represents my view of a bright future where money can be made fairly from working in open-source.

    That said, I will await the full feature movie, even if it will be later. I’d be disappointed and discouraged if it never happens at all within the next years. But whatever happens, this was a great initiative… even if it fails the next one might succeed.

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