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Simple tip for artists: working with material nodes

29 January, 2015 |  9  

Hello all! It’s Manu here; this is my first post. :) We Gooseberry artists are actually supposed to submit blog posts and tutorials a couple of times per month or so. However, because of the intense concentration on the first-priority tasks, there hasn’t been much activity on that front, at least from me. But that […]

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Blender 2.73 – a new storyboard workflow

15 January, 2015 |  18  

Several 2d animators and story(board) artists have been reporting exciting results with the upgraded “Grease Pencil” annotation tool in Blender. What started as a quick way to add notes in the viewport has now grown into a powerful animation tool for sketching storyboards — and even final animations. Matias Mendiola, who worked here on Cosmos […]

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Asset Manager Progress Report: Talking Testing

3 December, 2014 |  12  

Over the past weeks we have spent a lot of time testing. When building a complex software infrastructure, it is generally a good idea to have some tools to systematically check its functionality. Of course every software developer knows they *should* do testing, and many software projects do to varying degrees, but early on it became very […]

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Weekly Recap: November 14, 2014

17 November, 2014 |  15  

Another week at the Blender Institute is in the bag, with more exciting Gooseberry developments! Watch the weekly round-up livecast here (in case you missed it, every Friday at 18:00 CET) and/or catch the highlights laid out for you below.

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Gooseberry Tools: The New & Improved Sequencer

6 November, 2014 |  52  

Campbell and Antony have been up to good things, for all you video editors out there. The sequencer has gotten a face lift! Mathieu’s made a before-and-after screenshot showing the most important changes (note that both are the exact same file!):