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Hjalti’s animation tutorials

5 August, 2015 |  9  

Our animator Hjalti Hjalmarsson completed hours of animation tutorial and shot breakdowns. Nearly everything is already in Blender Cloud, for the subscribers. It’s also going to be on the Bluray/DVD box/Datacard. Enjoy, it’s big fun to watch. (And recording during a heatwave!) -Ton-

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Online premiere: August 10th

31 July, 2015 |  34  

Monday morning, in Los Angeles on the SIGGRAPH convention, we will launch the Cosmos Laundromat pilot online for everyone to watch! August 10th, 2015 10 AM Los Angeles time, 19h CEST. Youtube launch for everyone! High quality encoded version in Blender Cloud for subscribers. And of course a lot of tutorials, goodies, extras, making of […]

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Pre-premiere video impression

31 July, 2015 |  2  

More photos and impressions will be shared soon, here’s one fresh from Sybren’s camera. It was a blast!!!

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The Evolution of Tara & the Rest

29 July, 2015 |    Gallery

Now that we’ve looked at the evolution of Cosmos Laundromat’s two main characters—Victor and Franck—it’s time to turn to Tara and her jungle companions: the motofly and the villainous frog. Head here to find the illustrated tale of why and how these three characters developed and changed, and then have fun digging through the gallery […]

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The Evolution of Franck

23 July, 2015 |  1   Gallery

Last week we looked at the evolution of Victor, the most complicated and mysterious character and the “man” behind the Cosmos Laundromat, as he has gone through the most dramatic changes over the course of production. However, that’s not to say that the other characters haven’t changed enormously as well. This week we take a […]

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The Evolution of Victor

13 July, 2015 |  9   Gallery

Evolution of Victor

The animation is complete and the rendering is underway. (The pre-premiere is in just 2.5 weeks!) So now we wait… Which makes it the perfect time to take a look back at the overall prodcution process. My how things have changed since Mathieu began discussing the script with Sintel screenwriter Esther and the art with […]

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Blender 2.75 splash

11 June, 2015 |  13  

Franck splash screen

Finding the right image for a splash is always a tedious process… We had a couple of ideas rendered with the sheep, Victor, and the tornado, but in the end we settled on the cute Franck-caterpillar. Read the Release notes or download the 2.75 Release Candidate. (edited post, june 13) COLOR PROFILE ERROR! The colors […]

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Cosmos Laundromat Trailer

28 May, 2015 |  44  

We proudly present the trailer of “Cosmos Laundromat, Pilot”! And man that was tough, but we managed to get all the details work together in single renders! No comp! Hair sim, grass with wind, volumetrics, all rendered in Cycles. Work on this 10 minute film will continue in June, rendering during July, with an official […]

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Victor hair simulation!

8 May, 2015 |  19  

And here’s another shot with hair simulation. Mathieu mastered Blender forcefields! In this shot you see Victor enjoying the storm he summoned.

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Pulling off a fully simulated shot

8 May, 2015 |  11  

Compliments to the whole team for getting this done, and special kudos to Andy and Lukas!