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Artists at Work (and making the video)

28 January, 2015 |  8  

Cosmos Laundromat director shows off all the intense artistic work going into the pilot in the Blender Animation Studio today in his new video edit. Feel the concentration. Featuring (in order of appearance)… Manu Järvinen Andy Goralcyzk Beorn Leonard Francesco Siddi Pablo Vazquez Sarah Laufer The Blender disco ball This video was, of course, made […]

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28 January, 2015 |  2  

Francesco Siddi is our production and pipeline coordinator/developer. Currently he’s working on the asset management system, which is in use by the studio already and browsable online at! Directed and edited (using Blender’s Video Sequence Editor!) by Mathieu Auvray. Music by Abelcoast, “Vital fury and meticulous rage”. CC-BY-SA

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New team member: Gabriel Caraballo

20 January, 2015 |  4  

Today Gabriel ‘eibriel’ Caraballo arrived in the studio. In the past years he’s worked as lead TD for the Kiribati film project in Argentina, responsible for the pipeline, asset/project software, and making sure Blender fits into the overall production well. Gabriel will be working for two months with Francesco on our own pipeline,  especially making […]

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Angela Guenette: Behind the Modeling

16 January, 2015 |  12  

Gooseberry Character Modeler Angela Guenette has spent the past months building models for all the Cosmos Laundromat characters from her studio in Montreal. Now that all the character models are finalized, Angela would like to share with all of you her process…and also her experience of what it’s like to be a part of the […]

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Who is at work!

13 January, 2015 |  4   Gallery

Blender Institute: Tuesday, January 13th, 6:30pm. Everyone’s still busy. In order of appearance: Nicholas, Lukas, Ton, Elysia, Manu, Andy, Sarah, Pablo, Mathieu, Hjalti, and Francesco . (Antony is on holidays!)

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Joining the Studio: Welcome Andy Goralczyk & Nicholas Bishop

5 January, 2015 |  7  

Today is the first day back in the studio for most members of Team Gooseberry — including two new faces (for this project)! If you’ve been following Blender for a while, you’re probably already very familiar with our first “new” face: Andy Goralczyk. He’s been working with Blender for about 15 years now (since he […]

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Welcome Bastien and Julia to Amsterdam!

4 December, 2014 |  1  

The Blender Institute has been another developer richer since Monday: please welcome Bastien Montagne to the studio! Hailing from the Western French countryside (Brittany), Bastien has been using Blender since the early days (2002), when he fell for the (in his words) “richness and complexity” of the software. (And the free thing obviously didn’t hurt […]

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Welcome Manu to the Blender studio!

5 November, 2014 |  13  

The Blender studio is another talent stronger since Manu Järvinen joined us this week from Helsinki, Finland!

Meet the Team

Introducing Your New Gooseberry Reporter!

24 October, 2014 |  20  

Elysia Brenner, Blender Conference

Last week, you might have seen an advertisement go by on the blog looking for an Amsterdam-based freelance writer and editor for Project Gooseberry. Well, I’m thrilled to say that this position has been filled… by me! American-born, Dutch-adopted copywriter and journalist Elysia Brenner. 

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New arrival: Daniel “Zanqdo” Salazar

17 October, 2014 |  1  

Fresh from the plane from “pura vida”  Costa Rica! Character rigger Daniel Salazar arrived today. He’ll be here for a  week of rigging preparations (and for Blender Conference!). He’ll be talking to the team about our animation requirements, to the devs about rigging improvements, and we’ll make sure his work from home next month will […]