Meet the Team,Production

More coders arrived: Sergey and Campbell

1 October, 2014 |  10  

We’re now hosting 4 developers in Blender Institute! With today’s arrival of Sergey and Campbell the Gooseberry development targets will really take off. We’ll do a lot of design and planning sessions the coming days, which should lead to a lot of good development progress during the coming months.

Meet the Team,Production

New people: Matias and Julia

28 August, 2014 |  2  

Fresh arrived today from Buenos Aires – with terrible jetlag – Matias Mendiola. He will work with Mathieu on storyboarding, during all of September. Also new: Julia Velkova. She’s working for the Swedish Södertörn University, department Media & Communication Studies. She is an Open Culture researcher and will be here four days examining and interviewing us […]

Meet the Team,Production

Lukas and Antony arrived

23 July, 2014 |  5  

These weeks several people will arrive, marking the beginning of the Gooseberry project. Since last monday we have two Blender programmers here. Both will be working on complex aspects of the creation pipeline (hair/cloth sim,  particles, nodes, depsgraph, etc).