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Wrap 1: Last day of Mathieu

30 June, 2015 |  5  

Today – after 11 months in Amsterdam, Mathieu went back to Paris. He will have a short holidays and start preparations for other exciting film projects. He will also be working with Eric Cervera on the final sound mix, and he’ll be back here end of July for a final grade – and a pre-premiere […]

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Blender 2.75 splash

11 June, 2015 |  13  

Franck splash screen

Finding the right image for a splash is always a tedious process… We had a couple of ideas rendered with the sheep, Victor, and the tornado, but in the end we settled on the cute Franck-caterpillar. Read the Release notes or download the 2.75 Release Candidate. (edited post, june 13) COLOR PROFILE ERROR! The colors […]

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Cosmos Laundromat Trailer

28 May, 2015 |  44  

We proudly present the trailer of “Cosmos Laundromat, Pilot”! And man that was tough, but we managed to get all the details work together in single renders! No comp! Hair sim, grass with wind, volumetrics, all rendered in Cycles. Work on this 10 minute film will continue in June, rendering during July, with an official […]

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Victor hair simulation!

8 May, 2015 |  19  

And here’s another shot with hair simulation. Mathieu mastered Blender forcefields! In this shot you see Victor enjoying the storm he summoned.


Qarnot Computing renders Gooseberry

5 May, 2015 |  6  

The render demands for our 3d animated film will be huge. We do everything in Cycles with big environments, loads of grass and fur, expecting render times of 3 hours per frame or more (on regular fast i7 cpus). A quick estimate is that for 10 minutes film we then need 60 systems full time […]


New sponsor: Intel

4 May, 2015 |  12  

I’m happy to now officially announce that Intel has signed on as a Platinum sponsor of the Gooseberry project! They’ve sent us two amazing servers for our studio server rack, almost doubling our render capacity. The servers are from their demo and testing pool, experimental hardware configurations that get seeded for testing and feedback. Each […]


Stats update – thanks for joining!

9 April, 2015 |  4  

Two weeks ago we posted this stat: Today’s stat is: Target is 2500 before the premiere in July! We then can do awesome stuff the rest of the year :) The fast increase is mostly because of us emailing people who pledged to join Cloud during last year’s campaign. Some people might have received a […]


Production update – 10 minutes, release in July!

8 April, 2015 |  23  

We’ve always worked with two scenarios – the bigger one with Film Fund support – and a smaller one based on the crowdfunding and Blender Cloud subscription income. We now have the news that the Netherlands Film Fund will not support the project. Bummer! The Fund feedback was that it’s partially because it’s not a […]

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Tornado design

1 April, 2015 |  9  

The tornado design is really progressing. We have now found the final look, using turbulent and colored smoke sims. Still a lot of work is going to be needed to get the final renders, but as you can see here it’s already looking fantastic. Andy is making miracles here! See the tornado in motion   Andy […]

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Gooseberry Production Benchmark file

20 March, 2015 |  155  

It’s about time to share a benchmark for production quality renders – something nice and heavy, taking 8-12 GB memory and requiring an hour to render in a minimal quality! Here it is (240 MB). Note: you have load file “trusted” (allow scripts to run). This is the 1.0 release of the file, we like […]