Cosmos Laundromat selected for Netherlands Film Festival

22 July, 2015 |  7 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

The most prestigious of the Dutch Festivals has selected Cosmos Laundromat! It’s not an animation festival (no animation award category even),  being selected for NFF is always an honour for being recognized as serious film maker in general.

Previously we only had Sintel selected in the festival. That was a huge success and a great event for the team!

Expected festival premiere is end of September. What this means for the planning of the DVDs/Bluray/Datacard/Cloud and online premiere we’ll study on still.

7 Responses

  1. Warren Reed says:

    Wow, congratulations ladies n germs! it’s amazing work and should be in many festivals!

  2. Reavenk says:

    Congrats, sounds very exciting!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. BernAr says:

    Congrats to the whole team! first of a long series of selections for film festivals :-)

  5. hizaro says:


  6. Andre says:

    Awesome!…but um?…Will the movie be available in 3D?

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