Hello and good luck from Colin Levy & Pixar

8 July, 2015 |  10 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

20150708_175146Perfectly arrived on the right moment. From the people who know what “final stretch” means!
Thanks for the heads up Colin, such a pleasant surprise and so encouraging to know that you guys keep an eye on us!


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  1. Manuel says:

    What a great surprise! It sure will make a special piece of Blender Institute decoration (and constant motivation)!

  2. That’s great…

  3. Nice message!

  4. reidh says:

    I’ll bet that the guys and gals atPixar envy you, because you don’t have to expend your creative energies trying to meet the demands of someone who knows absolutely nothing ( or less ) about any part of the project. From original story to last frame rendered. Pixar has done so well, why are they turning to making warmed over crop like “Inside Out” ?

    • Daniel Rossati says:

      Are you saying you didn’t like Inside Out!? I felt like it was the best movie since Up.

  5. Chad Gleason says:

    Wha…? Wow, 4 posts in we already have a thread derail.

    In any case, awesome heads up from Colin! The Pixar love keeps flowing in!

  6. lennon says:

    by the way just for the record. Pixar doesn’t use Colin is forced to use better 3D application..just for the record.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      They use a large variety of software at Pixar, much of it custom. Blender is in the mix there, as far as I’m aware(there have been some tours around their offices showing Blender among maya and a bunch of in-house animation, lighting, and material editing packages.)

  7. mooncaine says:


  8. Chau says:

    Reason why people love Pixar!

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