Interview with Ton Roosendaal

29 March, 2014 |  3 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

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  1. Roman says:

    Hey, are there any plans to incorporate OpenSubdiv, OpenVDB ?

    • Guest says:

      For OpenSubdiv, pixar actually went to change the license so that it’s compatible with blenders GPL license, and it’s definitely a big thing on blenders development roadmap.

      From what I’ve seen, some technology from the OpenVDB libraries has already been used for last years GSoc FX Simulation/Voxel improvements, but of course there’s more things in OpenVDB that blender can benefit from.

      As for using those two technologies specificially for Gooseberry, I don’t know much, but with Gooseberry being a large scale feature show, i suppose you can expect the implementation of those technologies to be high up the development priority list!

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