Job position: Blender character animator, for 4-6 months

17 January, 2015 |  13 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

We need another Gooseberry team member here, to work with as a character animator in our animation team with Hjalti and Sarah.


  • Available to work full-time in Amsterdam for the working period (at least March-August)
  • EU citizen, and/or has a valid working and residence permit for the Netherlands
  • Has a public portfolio of own animation work and assigned work (film, commercials)
  • Portfolio preferably includes work with Blender!
  • Should be capable of planning shots and doing the blocking and final animation (this is not a rigging job)
  • Available to start March 1st; six month contract possible


  • Work on a Creative Commons project, giving you unlimited portfolio benefits!
  • Work on an independent animation short — no big studio or investor is telling us what to do
  • Pre-tax salary of 2500 euros/month; we pay for travel costs to Amsterdam and back home
  • We can provide you with a good place to live in the center of Amsterdam
  • Full time (40h per week), with 20+ days paid holidays per year

Want to apply?

  • Make sure you have a public web portfolio, web page, website, or YouTube/Vimeo channel … anything goes!
  • Send a short mail with link(s) to portfolio to ton at giving sufficient info about who you are and including a CV
  • Do not send any stills, animation videos, blender files, etc., as attachments … make sure this is all online and public
  • I reserve the right to not look at private (not public)/password-protected submissions
  • Please send your letter of application no later than January 24th

Non-EU citizens without existing Dutch residency/work permits will get opportunities to contribute too (also here in Amsterdam). But we will do calls for that later.


13 Responses

  1. Omg omg omg!!!!! says:

    Omg omg omg Omg omg omg Omg omg omg Omg omg omg

  2. Hayho
    I make all geometric with blender. – My animaitedfilms was in 2014 by the KLIK festival in Amsterdam. – The webside I give is Facebook, but the new I make with Blender. – But my rendering is a other editor. – The most work is Blender by my films
    In the moment I live in Germany and I want to chance the country !

    My best regards

  3. Hola !!
    My name is Carles and I am very passionate about computer animation, and I am strongly interested in the animation spot Blender institute is offering. Starting of with architectural rendering, I finally found my true passion in character animation, which was the reason I applied to the Animation Mentor program, which I graduated in June 2012. Understanding animation motion, principles and, I’m able to create several style of animation.
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Hi, all 3d graphics on my website are made with Blender
    Best regards

  5. hello I´m not professional, only I can say that I´d worked in Kandor Graphics movie “Justin and the Knights of Valour” like crowd animator. I animate wiht blender, maya and xsi. here the link of my demoreel.

    thanks and regards

  6. OK, all my information are on my web and my youtube Channel.

    Long life to Blender and its followers!!!


  7. Francisco Javier Raya Berlanga says:

    can someone give me the ton´s mail please?

    • salas says:

      “Send a short mail with link(s) to portfolio to ton at giving sufficient info about who you are and including a CV”

  8. Mark says:

    Guys – I don’t think you will get the job if you can’t follow the simple instructions in the offer :)

    “Send a short mail with link(s) to portfolio to ton at giving sufficient info about who you are and including a CV”

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