Meanwhile, in Mumbai

15 April, 2014 |  11 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

By Pratik Solanki,  from our partner Studio Vivify in Mumbai, India.

11 Responses

  1. claas kuhnen says:

    holy crap – only after the making off did I realize that the birds were CG. Extremely well done trick hiding their true nature!

  2. Veer Chidar says:

    Mindblowing.. :)

  3. Paolo Acampora says:

    Insanely well done!

  4. Captain says:

    So realistic. Wow.

  5. Good work ppl. unleashing the potential of Blender. Keep Going!!

  6. Kjartan says:

    Haha! That was sneaky :) Great work Pratik!

  7. David Macara says:

    Had no idea those were fake birds. Great job.

  8. Cris Palomino says:

    Wow, well done! Great CG! Totally convincing.

  9. Tonttu says:

    Guys, the left one was the fake one :D

  10. Shashank Raj says:

    In the words of Russel Peters this was truly “Mind Blasting” !!!

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