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Timelapse Painting: Sarah Tackles Caterpillar Franck in 2D

14 January, 2015 |  2 Comments | by Elysia Brenner

As all the characters go into final grooming in 3D, this week Art Director Sarah (aka the Queen of the Gooseberry Jungle) prepares for her own work on Franck’s caterpillar form … by painting on the details in 2D first! See how she does it stroke by stroke (with a lot of experience and skill, natch) in this 4-minute timelapse that captures of hours worth of painting work in Krita!

2 Responses

  1. BernAr says:

    Thanks for showing your work more oftentimes :-)

  2. Manuel Grad says:

    Nice work! This is going to be BFs best short i’m sure!
    I do hope the difference in the iris colors are going to be much subtler in the end tho, i understand how this is useful for the character but as of now the much different eyes are distracting.

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