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Voice acting: recording the film-set way

12 January, 2015 |  3 Comments | Gallery | by Ton Roosendaal

Last Thursday and Friday we recorded the main character voices in (radio & tv) Studio Desmet, just around the corner here. Instead of locking actors up in booths with headphones and a microphone, we decided to find a recording studio with enough space for actors to move around freely – using  headsets and several microphones on stands.

The concept has been used for other films before, check this ‘behind the scenes’ about Rango‘s sound recording, for example.The idea is that actors will then focus more on the whole performance, instead of only on creating good voices. It’s why we picked ‘traditional’ actors in the first place, and not specialized voice talents.

We also need the actors to help us shape the characters in the film itself. All recordings were filmed with 3 cameras so that the footage can be used as reference material for our animators, including close-up videos for lipsyncing and facials.

Everyone did a great job; we were impressed by the actors’ performances. I look forward to see how this will work out for our characters!

Here are some pictures captured between recordings – as I was helping with the video recording the rest of the time. Videos of the actors’ performances will be posted later! Also expect side-by-side videos of each actor with the character they play.

Pictures featuring actors Pierre Bokma, Bracha van Doesburgh, and Reinout Scholten van Aschat; director Mathieu Auvray; and script writer Esther Wouda.

3 Responses

  1. emu says:

    These people totally _look_ like Franck, Tara and Victor! Is it just my imagination or do they act that good? :))

    • Stefan says:

      @EMU: your right the *look* like the characters – it cool to just know from some pictures what character is played by each actor :-)
      that is really cool!

  2. Micah Pendleton says:

    Wow! It makes total sense to record like that. It seems like you should be able to get more emotion out of your actors. Keep it up, I’m really excited!!! :-)

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