Weekly presentation highlights – Sept 12, 2014

13 September, 2014 |  4 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Below are the highlights of yesterday’s weekly presentation of the team.

The 2nd ‘world’ character designs are final, for the first world the salesperson character is still undergoing more refinement. We’ll see more of this next week! 

Full script and the 2d (WIP) animatic edit is in Blender Cloud for our supporters. But don’t worry, we’re not sharing spoilers here :) However, if you want to see it follow this link to watch the full weekly presentation – it has the animatic too (starts at 9 min).

frank_sarah_charactersheet tara_sarah_charactersheet 01_05_topview_01_blackpencil 03_05_topview_05_blackpencil Franck_tornado_02 07_paritlce_paths3_full_new 05-dof

4 Responses

  1. Big Fan says:

    Very good. Sounding productive and workmanlike. Keen to see the final design for Frank next week, or very close to it ;) If I was sitting out here with a million dollars thinking of backing a full movie I would be happy with how things are moving along and how the team is working together now. Not only does the story need to demonstrate that it can scale to be a successful/engaging full movie but that the participation can be scaled and deliver.Thanks for the video and see you again for the next exciting installment! Btw I really wasn’t a supporter of this project as it was originally conceived but it is definitely impoved and more likeable and I am coming around to being to a backer.

  2. nicco says:

    “Full script on blender cloud” – where – I can only find a ten page ‘Cosmos Laundromat treatment draft 6’.

    • The last version gets uploaded soon – even I didn’t read it yet!
      Note however, “full script” refers to the pilot. We don’t have this for the feature film yet.

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