Weekly presentation, October 10, 2014

10 October, 2014 |  7 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Here is my quick selection of highlights of today’s weekly.
Note: Mathieu will present the final animatic next week! We also worked on our asset management system and the dependency graph. More tangible results should be coming next week as well.

frank_newdesign_sarah victor_sarah_010 caterpillar_3dmodel_v02 jungle_layout_01_01

And the weekly hangout video:


7 Responses

  1. Big Fan says:

    So it appears we have a Victor the team are happy with now. Yay for that. I think Victor can also fit in a full movie with parts of it done around the world ie. slightly different style, tempo etc. Something I thought of though is that the sheep has slightly more realism than the others and the characters are a little limited in their potential for bodily expression. If you think of Disney or Pixar characters they have exaggerated anthropromorphic tendencies to be more entertaining, engaging or lively. Not that BI needs to do that but I see the pilot as being visually good and with a good story but potentially a little flat of action. Maybe that is not so important. I think the original concept trailer was a little more full on but that’s OK perhaps the target audience has changed some in favour of something with some substance. Anyway good work this week. Looking forward to seeing the animatic next week.

  2. yii7 says:

    Exiting stuff guys; its looks like its going great :D . Awesome work on the new sculpt clipping and hole brush (Thanks Psy-fi & Campbell) . Really excited for the new hair improvements as well (Thanks Lukas). Dependency graph is a hard nut to break it seems, well I’m sure Sergey can pull it off. Cheers.

  3. Hello, I really like developments of this project, artistic and technical, but I would like to suggest something. Of course it’s only my subjective opinion, but I have noticed, that in all Blendemovies there is this.. misery feeling going through all the characters, I understand that in some places as an emotional moment that is absolutely ok, but please don’t make a character to be misarable as it is. The specific thing I am talking about is eyes of the sheep.. why is she always so unhappy, desperate or scared? That really freaks me out. She can be joyful and she doesn’t have to be afraid of changes around her, maybe she accepts these changes and even enjoys them, and yes , in some moments she can be amazed with something, but also, not like she is scared or smth. Make eyes more cheerful. My opinion of course.

    • matray says:

      Hey !
      I understand. Not all of the blender movies were filled with depressed characters, even though sadness is a powerful emotion to drive a story. Franck is looking depressed and tired, because he is at the beginning of the story. But the whole point of his journey through the movie is to get what he always wanted : new lifes, new worlds to explore, action, adventure and eventually love. So don’t worry, he (and therefore us) won’t stay in “depressed-land” forever !
      Think of “Up” ;)

  4. LPS says:

    is this functionality shown in videos will be available in daily builds here? https://builder.blender.org/download/ or somewhere else?

  5. JG Loquet says:

    Looking good, the “caterpillar hoodie” fit Victor well ;P

    Depressive characters FTW !

  6. Manuel says:

    Really great seeing the progress. A bit sad, the red-haired boyish Victor was actually more sympathic looking to me, but i like the final one too.
    Great seeing Frank Caterpillar come to live. Great contrast in colors already, a grey green blue island vs a colorful red purple glowing forest, i love it! :D

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