Weekly presentation, October 17, 2014

17 October, 2014 |  6 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Here is my weekly quick grab from the weekly folder.

Good news is that our script now is FROZEN! Casting started as well, and there’s a new animatic in progress, which is WIP still – but already in Blender Cloud for our supporters. We reached the limits of where storyboard/animatic could be improved further, better is to now move to 3d layout. For that everyone is modeling basic characters, environments, and rigging them. 

05_leaf_03_screenie 04_mushi_01 victor_07 victor_03 dragonfly_research_v03 Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 19.21.36

6 Responses

  1. Fred C says:

    Excuse me while a do a little personal happy dance, there is zero anime in Victor. I love this victor, I like the chubby version that was posted early on but thin Victor looks good too.

    • matray says:

      Well thank you ! We went through many directions with this character. I also like a lot the chubby one, but we had two mains fat characters. (Franck as a sheep is also quiet round and “faty” which is not bad but was to look-alike directions…)

  2. Tristan says:

    Hello Guys,

    just want to say some critique about the project. Anyhow it goes to much in background. In the last movie projects I was every day on your blog and it was funny and nice to see what happens. But this time, all is so clinical. All what I see is a sheep and and some long hangouts (It’s not bad, but too long for just “hang out” on your site). I miss some posts like from Nathan on BBB, or something like a small tutorial. It gave the project a nice personal touch. I had the feeling that I was a part of the team. But here I feel noting.
    Even on the Blender Website it is not fast to find that there is the gooseberry project, was last time also better…
    Of course what you do is so wonderfull and fancy, but I just want to share my two cents about that, because I want that all move forward. Maybe think about, some changes can cause much.

    Have a nice day!

    • matray says:

      Hey Tristan !
      I totally understand. It’s difficult for us to be everywhere unfortunately. Making a good movie (with all the things that it implies : design, story, development, casting, animatic…), improving blender, and managing the community online and sharing what we work on is a lot of work. The good thing is now we have hired someone that will write about the project at least once a week ! So things will be improved. We will also have a long talk at the Bconf about Gooseberry as it is and share all the things we can.
      So we do want to share and expose our process the most we can and we surely can improve that :) Don’t forget that we’re not in production really yet. We’re still designing, writing and story boarding. Layout as just started two days ago with Hjalti only. As soon as more artists arrives we will have a lot more to show and share.
      So be patient, this project is just starting ;)

  3. sam says:

    The script is … FROZEN!? Sweet! It’ll be a sure hit with everyone singing your songs and making parodies and buying birthday party decorations and….

    haha, I kid, I kid. Can’t wait to hear more updates!

  4. Tuft says:

    This project is really getting exciting !
    This is great that there is a true thinking about the characters and how their shapes are going to define them, without falling into easy design standards. I’m really happy that Mathieu and Sarah are part of the projects, they seem to be really “wise designers” :)

    Althought I know that this is the beginning of the Victor’s modeling, but don’t you think his eyes are too close ? I mean there seem to be a lack of space between the iris and the “lacrimal” which makes him look a bit crossed eyes. Or maybe that’s just me :)

    Anyway that rocks !

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