Weekly presentation, September 19, 2014

20 September, 2014 |  7 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Last week more research has been done by David and Mathieu on the ‘sales man’ character in the film, which is getting quite close to the angelic-cupid-androgyn person the script would require. Sarah meanwhile is doing more concept design for the 2nd part of the pilot, in ‘caterpillar world’. 

The storyboards are getting much more awesome too – with grey scales filled in.

timthumb timthumb-1 timthumb-2 02_branch_03-03 jungle_sarah_10_b jungle_sarah_11_c

Hair test, various methods for simulation:

Hair render test with wind sim:

And the full weekly presentation, including storyboard progress.

OpenGL viewport progress by Antonis is going to be a separate blog post.

7 Responses

  1. isshak souaci says:

    Good job I wish I could be when the great news and I’ll wait for the film own
    And do Ola Short Film

  2. Great stuff. I love following the development of this project. All very inspiring.

  3. Big Fan says:

    Hmmm quite a lot of variance in ideas for Victors appearance still. I would have thought it might be self suggesting from the developed story but… This is a main character we ought to know by now what story we want to tell. Its a sheep and a ?? My first impression of the Frank/Victor portrait was that it was quite dark. How about a platinum blonde Victor since he is actually of another world but we don’t have time to know that. Something slightly startling like Rhydian http://www.rhydianroberts.com/
    Keep up the good work. Coding looks impressive.

  4. JG Loquet says:

    Very interesting concept art .. very promising !

  5. Good concept art! Love it!

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  7. premiumapk says:

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