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Final Weekly of the Year: December 19, 2014

22 December, 2014 |  4  

Manu has been working on grass with Lukas, creating mock-ups of island scenes like this one (and the three others you can check out on the Cloud). Manu of course wants to emphasize that his final versions will include a LOT more of his magical details.

The year is coming to a close, and everyone is going (has gone) on vacation. Meaning: this is it for 2014! This weekly started two hours early (a) so that Mathieu could participate before leaving for France and (b) so the rest of the team could leave early for a studio trip to see The […]

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Mathieu’s Blender Editing Tutorial

17 December, 2014 |  9  

Mathieu's sequencer tutorial

As promised in his previous post previewing the changes to the Blender sequencer, Cosmos Laundromat director Mathieu Auvray (who has used many different types of editing software) has put together a 30-minute tutorial showcasing how he uses Blender’s video editing features. In it he shares what he’s discovered about using the tool plus recent improvements you might […]


Gooseberry Weekly: December 12, 2014

15 December, 2014 |  2  

Model of sheep island

If you were watching along on Friday, you’ll have noticed we were having some technical problems at the start of the weekly. Right here is the proper weekly video (i.e., the one from after we got stuff working), and it’s a nice and trim 25 minutes — but feel free to watch us goof around […]

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The infrastructure, invisible work, and pragmatism of open-source animation production

12 December, 2014 |   

Julia Velkova at the Blender Institute

New Production Phase, New People Okay, two and a half days at the Blender Institute and my brain is spinning again with ideas and new questions of how to connect the bits and pieces of the open-source animation film-making culture. By all scholarly standards, a brief visit lasting 2.5 days is nothing for getting input […]

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Weekly Work & Tell: December 6, 2014

8 December, 2014 |  7  

Franck and Tara on the jungle floor

This week we were short a few familiar faces (enjoy your vacations, Ton and Sarah!)…but still plenty long on stuff to share. Here is the weekly, for anyone who missed it, plus a quick peek at the highlights, gathered below!  

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Welcome Bastien and Julia to Amsterdam!

4 December, 2014 |  1  

Bastion 2

The Blender Institute has been another developer richer since Monday: please welcome Bastien Montagne to the studio! Hailing from the Western French countryside (Brittany), Bastien has been using Blender since the early days (2002), when he fell for the (in his words) “richness and complexity” of the software. (And the free thing obviously didn’t hurt […]

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Asset Manager Progress Report: Talking Testing

3 December, 2014 |  6  

BAM code_square

Over the past weeks we have spent a lot of time testing. When building a complex software infrastructure, it is generally a good idea to have some tools to systematically check its functionality. Of course every software developer knows they *should* do testing, and many software projects do to varying degrees, but early on it became very […]


Gooseberry Weekly: November 28, 2014

1 December, 2014 |  9   Gallery


Another week, another screening of the animatic — and it’s been whittled down to a slightly shorter 16:20 (though another 1:20 still needs to go). Watch it with Gooseberry team commentary in the recording of this week’s round-up (just below)…or Blender Cloud subscribers will be able to find and watch this and all previous versions of […]

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Cosmos Laundromat actor lineup

25 November, 2014 |  7   Gallery

P Bokma

I’m very happy to confirm we have three top talented actors to help us shaping up the lead roles for the film. We’ve done a casting organized by Matijs Wessels from Stemna Casting in Amsterdam and we’re very happy to have our #1 choices signing up now! All of them Dutch actors, but fluent English […]


Gooseberry Weekly: November 21, 2014

24 November, 2014 |  11  


This week’s round-up of Gooseberry project work was a long one, clocking in at 1.5 hours. Watch and your reward is the full layout and animatic to date (a longer-than-final 17 minutes), livecast in full for the first time. Or, you know, just skip to the highlights below!