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Cosmos Laundromat actor lineup

25 November, 2014 |  7   Gallery

P Bokma

I’m very happy to confirm we have three top talented actors to help us shaping up the lead roles for the film. We’ve done a casting organized by Matijs Wessels from Stemna Casting in Amsterdam and we’re very happy to have our #1 choices signing up now! All of them Dutch actors, but fluent English […]


Gooseberry Weekly: November 21, 2014

24 November, 2014 |  10  


This week’s round-up of Gooseberry project work was a long one, clocking in at 1.5 hours. Watch and your reward is the full layout and animatic to date (a longer-than-final 17 minutes), livecast in full for the first time. Or, you know, just skip to the highlights below!

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Weekly Recap: November 14, 2014

17 November, 2014 |  14  


Another week at the Blender Institute is in the bag, with more exciting Gooseberry developments! Watch the weekly round-up livecast here (in case you missed it, every Friday at 18:00 CET) and/or catch the highlights laid out for you below.

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Video: How Matias Made 1000+ Storyboard Images

12 November, 2014 |  9  

Now that you have all seen the latest animatic (those of you on the Blender Cloud, anyway), Gooseberry director Mathieu Auvray has put together a video showing where the  more than 1,000 images used to make it came from. Matias Mendiola, Gooseberry’s storyboard artist based in Argentina, walks you through his process, from blue-pencil sketches to […]


BAM! Building the Asset Manager

11 November, 2014 |  7  


This is the first progress report on the asset manager project (originally known as Redcurrant). Going forward, though, the plan is to report all updates on a weekly basis.

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Gooseberry Weekly: November 7, 2014

10 November, 2014 |  10  


With the crazy conference period now firmly behind everyone, it’s been a busy week – and a longer weekly to show for it. In case you missed it on Friday, here is the full video of Friday’s Gooseberry weekly work round-up: For those of you who don’t have a full hour (or who want a […]

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Gooseberry Tools: The New & Improved Sequencer

6 November, 2014 |  37  


Campbell and Antony have been up to good things, for all you video editors out there. The sequencer has gotten a face lift! Mathieu’s made a before-and-after screenshot showing the most important changes (note that both are the exact same file!):

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Welcome Manu to the Blender studio!

5 November, 2014 |  12  

Manu working 2

The Blender studio is another talent stronger since Manu Järvinen joined us this week from Helsinki, Finland!

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Gooseberry Weekly Round-Up – October 31, 2014

3 November, 2014 |  3  

Franck gets a haircut, BEFORE

After a week off for the conference, team Gooseberry gathered around the table again on Friday to catch up and show off the cool stuff they’ve been working on over the week. If you missed the livecast, you can watch the whole thing here (if you’re curious, I’m the one in red):

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Blender Con: What’s Up with Project Gooseberry?

27 October, 2014 |  7  

All Blender supporters are invited to tour the Amsterdam studio...and today a bunch of the conference attendees took advantage of being in Amsterdam to do so!

Blender Conference 2014 has officially come to a close…or has at least moved to the Blender studio, where today is tour day! For those who couldn’t make the trip to the conference this time, here’s a quick look at what you missed: