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Simple tip for artists: working with material nodes

29 January, 2015 |  4  

Node Editor Tweaks

Hello all! It’s Manu here; this is my first post. :) We Gooseberry artists are actually supposed to submit blog posts and tutorials a couple of times per month or so. However, because of the intense concentration on the first-priority tasks, there hasn’t been much activity on that front, at least from me. But that […]

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Artists at Work (and making the video)

28 January, 2015 |  7  

Artists at Work

Cosmos Laundromat director shows off all the intense artistic work going into the pilot in the Blender Animation Studio today in his new video edit. Feel the concentration. Featuring (in order of appearance)… Manu Järvinen Andy Goralcyzk Beorn Leonard Francesco Siddi Pablo Vazquez Sarah Laufer The Blender disco ball This video was, of course, made […]

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28 January, 2015 |  2  


Francesco Siddi is our production and pipeline coordinator/developer. Currently he’s working on the asset management system, which is in use by the studio already and browsable online at! Directed and edited (using Blender’s Video Sequence Editor!) by Mathieu Auvray. Music by Abelcoast, “Vital fury and meticulous rage”. CC-BY-SA


Weekly #23: January 23, 2015

26 January, 2015 |  6  


Welcome to another week of Project Gooseberry work! Watch the full presentation (1 hr 15 min) in the video below, or skip to the highlights in this post to see what everyone has been up to! The Highlights   New Faces Gabriel Caraballo, better known to many of you as Eibriel, has joined the studio […]

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Victor’s first lipsync: step by step

23 January, 2015 |  3  

Victor lipsync screenshot

In the last weekly you got a glimpse of Hjalti‘s first lipsyncing test of Victor’s new rig. Some of you wanted to know how long this shot took him to animate. The answer is approximately 2.5 days. Obviously, initial tests like this take a little longer as Hjalti learns about the rig and consults with […]

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A Mean Monday Fog: Recording Reference Footage

21 January, 2015 |   

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.27.43

On a moody Monday morning, an atmospheric fog settled over Amsterdam…and Cosmos Laundromat director Mathieu Auvray thought to himself: “This reminds me of Franck’s sheep island!” So he took advantage of the misty weather to capture some reference footage with his GH13 and Franck stand-in Manu Järvinen. Mathieu then set to work testing color grading […]

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New team member: Gabriel Caraballo

20 January, 2015 |  4  


Today Gabriel ‘eibriel’ Caraballo arrived in the studio. In the past years he’s worked as lead TD for the Kiribati film project in Argentina, responsible for the pipeline, asset/project software, and making sure Blender fits into the overall production well. Gabriel will be working for two months with Francesco on our own pipeline,  especially making […]

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More Weekly Fun: January 16, 2015

19 January, 2015 |  12  

Of course he started with the windows to Victor's soul...and this stunning render.

This week brought with it a new pilot intro, footage of the voice actors bringing the characters to life, increasingly polished models and animations, and more. Watch the full weekly show-and-tell in the video right here, or just skip to the highlights below! This Week’s Highlights   A Whole New Opening Not only has the […]


Job position: Blender character animator, for 4-6 months

17 January, 2015 |  13  

We need another Gooseberry team member here, to work with as a character animator in our animation team with Hjalti and Sarah. Requirements: Available to work full-time in Amsterdam for the working period (at least March-August) EU citizen, and/or has a valid working and residence permit for the Netherlands Has a public portfolio of own animation […]

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Angela Guenette: Behind the Modeling

16 January, 2015 |  7  

Whether the face is deformed using bones or blendshapes, properly flowing edge loops are crucial for facial rigging and animation. With character facial expressions being bone-deformation-based (not blendshapes-based), Ton asked me to create a few facial shape examples for Victor to be used as a reference. I created a few preliminary poses using shape keys. Some of the shapes are pushed further for clear readability in distance shots, which can be easily dialed down for subtlety in close up shots.

Gooseberry Character Modeler Angela Guenette has spent the past months building models for all the Cosmos Laundromat characters from her studio in Montreal. Now that all the character models are finalized, Angela would like to share with all of you her process…and also her experience of what it’s like to be a part of the […]