3000 Supporters in: Campaign extended!

Happy in Austin!

Happy in Austin!

In the past four days we had a big boost in our funding – we passed the 50% startup funding  target, and passed the 3000 “Supporters” milestone (which is people who subscribed to Blender Cloud, or who pledged for a film credit).

Plan B – just do a great short film together – goes to the drawer. But we also tweak plan A a little bit . Here’s plan A’:

  • Campaign set to 60 days, ending Thursday May 8, 1700 UTC
  • Minimum Supporter target: 5000
  • Startup Funding target: remains $640k (€500k)

IF (when!) we make this goal, we then will:

  • Go full speed with preparing for the feature film.
  • Fill Blender Cloud and our blog with great preparation material immediate. script developement, concept art, storyboard, teams videos, and so on.

That is expected to create traffic and attention to give existing Supporters confidence to stay on board, and get a lot more new Supporters in.
We keep targeting on 10k. But if we can get 5000 in just 60 days, I’m confident we’ll get many more in the months after.

Note – what we already have is:

  • EU Funding to work on an Open Production Environment, in Blender Cloud
  • Enough funding for developers to work on Blender goals
  • Funding to upgrade existing cloud tutorials, and add new ones
  • Funding for a totally awesome plan B fall-back scenario.

Let me thank everyone for the overwhelming support. I will soon make a page with a selection of encouraging comments people have emailed to me. This project is really beginning to live.


(Note: everyone who has pledged will be contacted tomorrow. I hope they will accept the extension of the campaign. When people rather withdraw a pledge, we do it for them without hesitation. PayPal allows us to refund without costs in 60 days.)

Campaign extension?

cgc-gooseberry-iconWe have a lot of fans and supporters – people who really want us to succeed! Well, we want to be successful ourselves too of course! But we need to be realistic as well. Doing a serious feature film with this scale just means we should allocate a serious budget as well.

Several people asked for announcing to extend the campaign. That’s something we seriously consider. And here’s a way you can make it sure it happens:

  • If we reach 3000 supporters by Saturday, we extend campaign to 60 days total (= add 18 days).

Note that credit-only donation pledges also count as Supporters! A Bronze sponsor counts as 3, Silver as 7 and Gold as 20.

We’re all fully committed to make this campaign and Blender Cloud a success – whatever the campaign outcome is. If we can’t do a big feature together, we just do something smaller.


(PS1: people who pledged can withdraw the pledge anytime, or ask for refunds).
(PS2: via PayPal we can refund without costs up to 60 days after payment).

Why Gooseberry matters

ton-1992I can’t express enough how important this Gooseberry project is, for me personally and for a lot of people out there. There are so many solutions for urgent issues coming together in Gooseberry – it is really mind-blowing sometimes.

This is what Gooseberry is for me:

- Open Movies as a Blender development model.
Open Source software works very well as in-house software, as an ongoing flexible development process. This is opposite to commercial programs, these have a more distinct product life cycle.
Imagine: Gooseberry is going to be an 18 month animation-studio simulation! With so many wonderful technical-creative challenges to solve, and we can all be part of it.

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