Campaign upgrade: Credit Card pledges

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 13.40.30Great news: we now have been authorized to accept credit cards directly. This is all secure, PCI Compliant, using The strict Braintree review we had to pass through took a couple of weeks longer than expected. Meanwhile we could improve our campaign website too.

We’re also editing a new video – I have a personal message to share with you! We will also email everyone who has supported us before, to invite them to take part in the project.

No money gets charged from your credit card, until we reach our campaign goals.

Pledge Now!

5 thoughts on “Campaign upgrade: Credit Card pledges

  1. @ ton
    how much money would you charge for anyone to model some thing for the movie
    like a rock,chair,soda can something simple. i my opinion that is better then getting my name in would be cool to tell my friend that i modeled that tree or car in the background . ( people pay to model something simple )
    i would pay a couple hundred if i could model a background building,car,character.
    i told this to my friend and they say it is dumb idea what do you think?

    1. The whole idea of the Blender Cloud is that everyone can see what goes on, and pick up a task – like modeling – themselves independently. If you share something back with us, and we like it, it ends up in the film (and you in the credit as a modeler!).

  2. What are the payment methods? Do you accept google wallets,skrill and amazon payments?

  3. I just wish the funding campaign would be a little longer so it doesnt end before pay day this month. I just recently got to know this :( Pitched in a few euros though but would really like to get myself a blender cloud subscription

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