Software Goals

One of the goals of Project Gooseberry is to help drive the development of better (free and open source) Blender software. After all, a project of this size and scope requires the best possible tools for the best possible execution. Our goals for software improvements throughout this project include:

Technology for cooperation

We need a turn-key setup for a large virtual company to manage temporary project collaboration with a number of small studios. This will involve:

  • Content and asset management
  • Project management tools
  • Efficient (video) communication channels
  • Sharing internal CPU and GPU computing
  • Totally free/open cloud technology

Creative Technology

We also need to improve and validate the creative technology behind Blender and other popular free software tools (like GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, and LibreOffice) within collaborative studio environments. Thus will include improvements to:

  • Multi-threaded animation systems
  • Hair and cloth simulation
  • The use of free/open audio tools

Creative Data

We will also be improving the way we manage the creative data generated by the project. This will involve:

  • Releasing all movie and production data to the Creative Commons
  • Recording and sharing full statistics on usability and daily workflow
  • Creating additional tutorials, learning paths, documentation. and rendering resources

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