Sponsoring the Project

Making an animated film is not a cheap venture, so we’ll need plenty of help to realize this ambitious plan (and show the world that open-source development is a viable model…possibly even at the feature-film scale).

We began Project Gooseberry with a crowd-funding campaign, which helped us secure the funds to make a 15-minute pilot for a planned feature film (see The Film).

Anyone who signs up for 8 months of Blender Cloud access (or subscribes for 8 months in a row) will also earn a credit in the pilot film, or in the feature film with 18 months of Cloud participation. See The Blender Cloud section below for more information. (Note: All crowd-funding sponsors who contributed €20 or more to the original campaign will also receive a €20-discount on a DVD or data card of the film, with all assets.)

You’ll find all the information about partnerships and sponsorships (including prospective future models, like crypto currency) in the sponsor prospectus PDF. Still have questions? Please email them to institute(at)blender.org and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

The Blender Cloud

The easiest way to support the project is to sign up for (or renew) a subscription to the Blender Cloud.

Film Credit

Sign up for 8 months of the Blender Cloud (or keep renewing until you get there) to earn a credit in the pilot film. With an 18-month subscription, you’ll also earn a feature-film credit.

Backstage Pass

Joining the Cloud earns you access to all our previous open movies and training DVDs in one place, with a bunch of bonus assets from each thrown in. This is also the main sharing platform for all the art and 3D stuff we make during the project, from preliminary designs to the final releases. That includes the script, concept art, storyboards, commit logs, .blend files, work in progress, artist presentations, etc. (See the Gooseberry Weeklies folders.) You can get access to all these goodies and feel good about helping to make this movie happen by signing up for a Cloud subscription.

The Future of the Cloud

We want to set up ways for Cloud subscribers to not only review work and comment on it, but to even pick up tasks to work on. Interaction with studio team members and other cloud subscribers will be encouraged as well.

For Sintel we collaborated with our supporters in a massively successful “modeling sprint,” which gave us a wealth of assets to use in the film. (Check out the impressive asset credit list.) We hope we can get this to work again, but now as an ongoing community project with lots of people actively participating — while efficiently protecting the studio teams’ creative progress. The more support we get, the more quickly and effectively we can realize this. Watch this blog to see how this develops.

Note: Everything shared here can be shared publicly under a CC-BY-SA license or similar. (The full film’s CC-BY release will happen once it is finished.)

Project Subsidies

Several EU and local agencies also support our mission to develop an “Open Production Environment.” The Blender Institute has received an E-culture subsidy (in part to cover the reporting done on this blog), and subsidy requests to the Dutch Film Fund and others are being prepared.

Technology Partners

We welcome (internet) technology partners to co-develop and validate an open-source infrastructure for SME projects like this. There’s also industry interest in OpenCL and GPU technology, High Frame Rate, 4K, stereo (3D), etc. Interested in learning more? We want to hear from you!


Blender Cloud




Project Partners

  • Blender Foundation
  • Media Fund Europe
Main Sponsors – €25k
Platinum Sponsors – €10k
Gold Sponsors – €2.5k
Silver Sponsors – €900
Bronze Sponsors – €450
  • Jakub Gradcki
  • Alexander Volf
  • CGMasters
  • Matt McKellar-Spence
  • BlendSwap
  • Martin Kraus
  • Justin Murdock
  • Alex Bakker
  • Markus Markle
  • Simon Haegler
  • Daniel Raßbach
  • Khodom Outhaithavy
  • K375, Kulow IT+C GmbH
  • Sebastian Koenig
  • Thomas Beck
  • Andy Suter
  • Philippe Piatkiewitz
  • Ondrej Brinkel
  • Matteo Gloyer
  • Sven Übelacker
  • Frank Stimmel
  • Blendtuts
  • Bruno D’Arcangeli
  • Johnny Ooi
  • Mike Pan
  • Kennisland
  • Ben Dansie