Get Involved

The Gooseberry project is meant to be open and accessible to all — far beyond our previous projects, even. We want everyone to not only be well informed but to feel welcome in the project community. This project is your project too, and the more you can participate and support us, the better the final result will be!

Join the Blender Cloud

The Cloud is our primary means of funding the pilot production — so we urge all supporters to renew their subscriptions to help us make the best possible version of this film, thereby giving us the best possible chance of acquiring funding for an eventual feature film. Don’t have a subscription yet? You can join the Cloud for three months for 45 EUR, and then 10 EUR/month thereafter. If you stay on board for at least 8 months you will get a pilot credit! 18+ months earns you a credit mention in the planned feature film.

What will you find in the Cloud? As we build and create our designs, the script, animatics, animations, etc., they will be posted to the Blender Cloud ( Currently this is where supporters can get total access to every stage of this film’s development plus everything needed to recreate our previous films, plus virtual versions of the tutorials and trainings available on DVD in the Blender Institute store.

Ultimately, the Cloud should be a platform where Gooseberry supporters can collaborate directly with studio members on the actual creation of shots and other movie elements. (Another software goal your donations can support.) Keep an eye on the blog to see how this project develops, starting with the new asset manager.

Please see the Sponsors section of this site for more information about subscribing or donating to the project. (Note: One-time donations are also possible.)

Other Ways to Help

One way to help this project be successful is to help with the development and documentation of the Blender software itself. Please see the Get Involved section of the site for more information on where your input is needed.

You can also support the project by helping to spread the word. Share the project within your networks, especially with fellow open-source and animation enthusiasts. If you are interested in covering the Blender Institute or Project Gooseberry in more detail, we’re happy to provide more information, or even write an article for your publication. Just get in touch!