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22 May, 2020 |  8 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Since November 2019 we tried to get a reboot for Cosmos Laundromat organized. The original idea was to finish the second episode. In order to make that, the team required that we first need a clear outline for the entire CL series written out.

Originally the story of the 2nd episode would end open ended, and that’s not something I believe the audience would appreciate. The 2nd episode should be rewritten in a way it would reveal sufficient clues to get the audience hooked up with the full story.

We found out that the amount of time it would take to bring the CL concept to a top quality script for film or series, would go beyond what we could reasonably invest. It would probably take a year of development time, without a certain outcome even. What also didn’t help is that we have quite different visions about the core story, the setting and characters. When the core team (writer, director, producer, studio leads) isn’t 100% aligned on the goals of a project, you can’t have a productive working relationship really.

All in all I found the situation dragging on too long to justify any further investment. For that reason I decided to dismiss the story team and stop with CL series development for the time being.

That doesn’t mean all options have been exhausted though.

With the writer and director we agreed on respecting the CC-BY license of work, so they have all opportunities to continue with it – even find another studio to work on it. Same goes for the crew in Amsterdam, we will let it sink in and probably things will look different if time passes on a bit.

It’s regrettable, but in hindsight it’s also good we at least did a serious attempt for it. I’m super proud of everyone’s contributions we did to this process, and we’ll share as much as possible for it. That will happen in a follow-up post here in the coming weeks.

Amsterdam, May 2020.
Ton Roosendaal

(Image: by Mathieu Auvray)

8 Responses

  1. Luciano says:

    ah that’s so sad, was looking forward to the second cycle and beyond.

  2. HP says:

    I hope, It will be restarted someday.

  3. Konstantins says:

    Nothing is perfect, but this was really intriguing. It promises an out-of-this-world experience, which is the best soil for CG from a viewer’s perspective, as the idea allows the sky to be the limit of what can be shown.
    But having no restrictions is also the toughest way to create. When you’re free to do anything and are expected to do something good, you become your own judge. And it takes experience to learn not to trust yourself enough to be one. However great of idea you conceive, how you see that idea as well as everything else will change constantly. Use that to enhance not to replace.

  4. Luc Bussières says:

    Yes, that’s sad. But, maybe it could be a good idea to have a writer coming from outside the core team. If Ton agrees, I might be interested in having a look at what can be done.

  5. MCHammond says:

    The story and concept of CL touched on areas that are close to my core. When the crowd funding campaign was live I was in personal rut and the idea and concept of this film really inspired me. It was the first open project where I cared more about the story than its technical accomplishments.
    I am sad that we are at this point, but its been a long time and things have changed a lot. A new project, new goal, with new possibilities. I cant wait to see what you guys come up with.

  6. Châu says:

    Please put script and story on line for other people can use it.

  7. Anony says:

    What a pity, it was the only film with a real story and real creativity behind it… I guess we’re exclusively back to populistic cartoons…

  8. Anton says:

    First make the story script and show it to the blender employers/ team. Just like pixar. There is no need to share the story.
    If the story is good then the second part wil be a succes.

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