3000 Supporters in: Campaign extended!

18 April, 2014 |  14 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Happy in Austin!

Happy in Austin!

In the past four days we had a big boost in our funding – we passed the 50% startup funding  target, and passed the 3000 “Supporters” milestone (which is people who subscribed to Blender Cloud, or who pledged for a film credit).

Plan B – just do a great short film together – goes to the drawer. But we also tweak plan A a little bit . Here’s plan A’:

  • Campaign set to 60 days, ending Thursday May 8, 1700 UTC
  • Minimum Supporter target: 5000
  • Startup Funding target: remains $640k (€500k)

IF (when!) we make this goal, we then will:

  • Go full speed with preparing for the feature film.
  • Fill Blender Cloud and our blog with great preparation material immediate. script developement, concept art, storyboard, teams videos, and so on.

That is expected to create traffic and attention to give existing Supporters confidence to stay on board, and get a lot more new Supporters in.
We keep targeting on 10k. But if we can get 5000 in just 60 days, I’m confident we’ll get many more in the months after.

Note – what we already have is:

  • EU Funding to work on an Open Production Environment, in Blender Cloud
  • Enough funding for developers to work on Blender goals
  • Funding to upgrade existing cloud tutorials, and add new ones
  • Funding for a totally awesome plan B fall-back scenario.

Let me thank everyone for the overwhelming support. I will soon make a page with a selection of encouraging comments people have emailed to me. This project is really beginning to live.


(Note: everyone who has pledged will be contacted tomorrow. I hope they will accept the extension of the campaign. When people rather withdraw a pledge, we do it for them without hesitation. PayPal allows us to refund without costs in 60 days.)

14 Responses

  1. Stéphane says:


    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!

    We did it!!!
    We reached the 3000 supporters mark to get the extension!!!

    Thank you all kindly for your support.

    Together we will create history.

    And a big thank you to Ton!

    This made my day!

    I’m so exited!!


  2. Sam M says:

    Keep up the great work and momentum ^^ I can’t wait

  3. Tycho TATITSCHEFF says:

    first of all congratulations for that ! As far as i know we are already in the top four (maybe 3) of the world’s best crows-funding for a film ! Worth to be said.
    I may have some hints to get more people and money :
    * spread the news on gimp, inskape, krita, ardour forums : indead if it is a blender project , thees projects will be used for the film so krita or ardours users could benefit of source files too,
    * spread the news on big 3D forum and newspaper : for instance, computers Arts used to make blender tut’s (with Coyhot aka Francois Grassard), so they probably enjoy an interview for such a big project
    * insist that with blender’ recent development concerning Autode$k import/export, even non blender user can benefit from high quality assets.
    * there is now a bitcoin wallet, i think it would be perfect to get a litecoin (LTC) and a dogecoin wallet too. Indeed, BTC mining is not profitable since more than 2 year (with ASIC card that mine like 10-50 times faster than GPU) but LTC and Doge are (not much since two week but still). So basically you would get more donator in LTC than in BTC. Moreover Doge had a huge community : the fund Jamaica Olympics. I know that it is “user first then money” but it is logic that you know open an account on LTC and Doge
    * maybe you can also contact big artist schools, in different countries to know if they are interested to follow (and help)the project
    Just my 2 cents (and sorry for bad writing, i’m not a native) !

    • Salas says:

      By the way, in order to change crypto-moneys to euros, this website seems to have lower fee, to be more secure and to be cleaner than other (vicurex, Crypsy ..) :

    • Light says:

      Doge and LTC’s communities are big. They mostly mine coins for donation and charity. Worthy targets indeed.

      “One of the main ways that Bitcoin has been used is to give to charity and crowdsource projects. Project Gooseberry only has a few days left in its crowdfunding campaign, and maybe you can help. Check out the details about the film making project and what you can do if you’re interested.” Let’s talk bitcoin

  4. kike sanz says:

    great to hear there will be funding for developers.
    cant wait to have pixer subd ,open vdb ,particle mesher,cycles improve,and many more
    needed tool .improving blender is the whole point of project.
    thank everyone that donated

  5. Good job guys. Stay awesome and good luck!

  6. JG Loquet says:

    Great news ! Set course for 5000 supporters !

  7. Michael Lei says:

    Congratulations to you all! Hoping the final goal is realized. Kudos for all of your hard work!

  8. Alexandre says:

    Happy…. and….Lets get more “one” each “one”…. and so …6K so fast…..!!!!!
    I believe it! we make the difference!
    No only one, or some dozens, but all of us! “I Believe it….”

    no only imagine …..

    but “BELIEVE IT” it is so simply …. It is this….
    I am running…..

  9. JamesNZ says:

    Yeeeeaahh!! We’re rooting for you guys :D

  10. Yay! I don’t care that there’s still a long road to reach the original funding goal, this is already amazing and you’ve done a really good job so far! Reaching half the funding sounds like a WIN for me already, and it’s nice to know there is enough money to do something cool, even if it’s not what was originally planned if the 100% funding was reached.

    Keep it up guys, you’re great! :D

  11. Benn says:

    Wooh! Awesome Progress. Though would it be wise to open this to kickstart?

  12. Loshirai says:

    Awesome. I hope there will be more than 5000 supporters at the end of campaign.
    Here is another tought: I have heard that, while developping the movie, you will also be developping new tools for Blender. Please, while developping the tools, also think of indie games developpers. For example, we have Rigidify, a rigging plugin. Rigidify works well for animation, but was never thought for games, for animation export. I dream of a Blender rigging tool, a combination of ART and CAT.
    Supporting game developpers will make more people interested in this project, and also the funding will rise.

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