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Blu-ray film hardcopy delays…

17 September, 2015 |  10 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Producing blu-ray discs (BD) means you have to make a master that survives the strictest (into the extreme) tests with Sony software in a reproduction factory.

No way you can do this with free/open source software. So we tried it with Adobe Encore first – it gives a good working bluray video disc – but to our dismay we found that it’s made in a way Sony doesn’t allow mass duplication. For copying BD in factories, you have to use their own (extreme expensive) authoring sw.

We then hired a mastering studio to redo this. They now already ran in issues too;

– having a dual layer (50 GB) disc that’s 20% HD video, and 80% BD-ROM is very non standard, sw warnings all over. This now seems to be in a working order though.
– films encoded or muxed with Adobe encore also fail to be accepted. They need the original ones encoded by us (Ffmpg).

Lesson learned – don’t attempt to make a quick ‘n dirty low cost BD ever. It’s just a ridiculously expensive and tedious medium – and actually the worst medium for sharing data.

Anyway, we don’t give up. It still has a certain coolness to get a BD of your own film :) I keep you informed. Currently the mastering company thinks they can get this ready for the factory end of this week. Duplication then can start – but I have no info what the delays mean for the final delivery. Feasible is to expect to ship around 5th of October…

I keep you informed,


10 Responses

  1. Jogai says:

    That disc design could have been awesome with the center doubling as the center of a laundromat…

    • Bob the Builder says:

      That would look cool on those Blu-Ray players that let you see the disc spinning!

    • Simon L. says:

      So the delay may be good for something ;-)

      I really like your idea of a washingmachine on the disc…

      However, if they keep the current disc-design, i would suggest to scale the image a bit so that victor stays where he currently is, but frank moves a little bit to the left. Currently his nose/mouth are cut off by the middle part, which looks kind of weird…

    • young_voter says:

      Yep, we can then have the sheep and Hector or Ricky or whatever his name is spinning in this laundromat cloud as the BD disc is spinning.

  2. The discs actually have the washing machine – the image I used for the article is an old mockup. We usually replace the mockups with pictures of the real stuff… ;)

  3. Aclariel says:

    Hello to you Ton,

    I was just wondering if you had any news for the Blu rays?
    I guess as I have ordered some in my order, along with the DVD and the USB Card,
    you are waiting to get the Blu rays sorted out before sending me my package, instead of sending multiple ones by mail, and I respect that, it is just that I’ve failed to receive any material yet an was just wondering. if you had any dates.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards, Aclariel.

  4. Thomas says:


    just want to ask if there are any news on the release date. Are the disks ready for shipping or what is the new estimated time period?

    Thanx for your feedback

    Kind regards

    • Aclariel says:

      Hello to you Thomas,

      Ton replied to me trough email saying that the mastering of the discs took a two months extra, and they should receive those discs around October 20th.
      Then they should send it to us afterwards, not sure of any specific dates tho.

      Hope it helps.

      Regards, Aclariel.

  5. xplt says:

    >It’s just a ridiculously expensive

    I’m curious: is it true that you have to pay $3k even if you *don’t* want to use DRM on the disk (I heard it from makers of one crowd-funded project, which involved BluRay)?

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