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7 February, 2014 |  19 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

IMG_1217Last week Mathieu Auvray spent three days with Esther Wouda (screenwriter, ‘Sintel’) re-writing the previous movie concepts sofar. It was a very magical moment. Two directions were colliding, refusing to merge into one film and suddenly, after one and a half day of hammering out structure as well as using all the creativity they had, everything “clicked”.

So we have a story!
There is a great basis now which really works as a coherent and compelling story,  which supports the idea that studio partners can work in own style in a great way.

The story is still under heavy development, but the core is pretty clear. We have the main lines, arcs and tone for it. It’s poetic as well as absurd. We will aim for really funny, even nonsensical Caterpillar_Color_v04situations! But even though there will be absurdity & humor, the main character’s arc is a drama. The overall feeling is really poetic and tender, a love story.

And basically: it’s about a sheep who gets an interesting life :)

That’s all I will leak for now, no spoilers, but you can already see where we’re heading at in the god of sheep by wahyumoodboard. The teams are working on a crowd-funding animation teaser now. Will be launched early March!

Images, top to bottom:
– Mathieu and Esther at work
– Art by David Revoy
– Art by Pataz Studio
– Art by Kampoong Monster


19 Responses

  1. This looks great! Not sure what the deal with the caterpillar is. I think you should stick to the fantasy theme with kind of a dark air to it. Also, on the moodboard, when you click on the image of the sheep eating the gooseberry, it comes up with The Race. Good website, beautiful artwork keep it up! (I go off now to become the wise sheep/deer, depicted above)

  2. Hassan Yola says:

    Awesome !!

  3. Ian Cruickshank says:

    Looking forward to watching this movie develop. At some point maybe you can get with the CG Cookie crew and add a new level to their Eat Sheep game. ; )

  4. Jorge Molina says:

    This is absolutely amazing. I wish I could contribute with something to this project. :) You guys rock! I can’t wait to see all the new features and improvements that this project will bring to the amazing Blender. Keep it up my friends.

  5. Absurdity & humor? I’m in!

  6. rob says:

    I love all the blender foundations movies, i was really excited about this project until i saw the word sheep. please don’t make it about sheep! They aren’t very appealing creatures.

    • Juan says:

      I’m with you. A movie with a sheep as the main character???
      Please, don’t!!! How uncool! Nothing cool has ever come out of a sheep! Wool yes, but cool…
      I saw the mood board and my mood changed, for worse. So uninteresting all this sheep imagery. If you change the sheep for any other animal, And I really mean any other, it suddenly becomes better.
      Really, don’t put a sheep on it. Just an opinion I know

      • Sorry, but the people who hate bunnies, squirrels and dragons requested it. The sheep haters can pick the animal for the next film. Suggestions welcome! :)

        • Sávio Pedro says:

          Ton, I have the solution. How about a movie about the Noah’s ark? The problem with the animals end up. But then come the religious and …

        • Juan says:

          Oh shit! I put down the next open movie project and right after Ton Rosendaal comments…My level of shame is now out of the graphic, and rising. I didn’t mean to sound so rude, how stupid I feel!
          Just wanted to say Blender is the best software I ever used, and the only I’m personally interested in. Ton, you are a software hero, and I’m sorry to have said what I said. I hope the best for the movie and Blender.
          but yes, I guess I’m one of the sheep haters. Didn’t like dragons, but this was before Game of Thrones.
          Good luck with Gooseberry project!
          P.D.: Would it be too cinical to say that I want to participate on it? (but not on the sheep, of course :)

    • Sávio Pedro says:

      I think Shaun the sheep is a great character and very charismatic. And as you can already see, it’s a sheep. And turn the character into a mouse would not do better. Not every mouse builds an empire

  7. Jeramie says:

    I think this is going to be a great open source movie I love what yo have so far the art looks amazing. Can’t wait to see this short film!

  8. erickBlender says:

    “So we have a story!” yeah!

    I didn’t know about this update, can some link every new update to the facebook page since i m subscribed, i will quick update :)

  9. demiansan says:

    Awesome news.

    Love’n drama story with nonsense humour and multi-art-style from different studios? i’m sold!

    Hope there will be an appearance of sintel’s giant snail concept, that would be so great.

  10. russcript says:

    its great to hear the story is coming along, now lets hope its no sheep in the island spinoff ——

  11. Josiah says:

    I love using Blender. Havin a blast!
    I’m also a big fan of Big Buck Bunny & SinteI

    Right now project Gooseberry looks like its gonna be awesome!!!!
    Can’t wait!

    It looks unique from any other feature length animated films I’ve ever seen.Thats why I’m loving it.
    Excellent job guys!

    P.S I hope easier lip synching tools get developed

  12. Adam Earle says:

    If I wanted to bash out some concepts drawing sculpts or do some story boarding or previs where do I start and how do I submit.

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