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DVDs and Data Cards are here!

9 September, 2015 |  19 Comments | Gallery | by Francesco Siddi

A couple of days ago we received the DVDs and Data Cards from the factory!

Anja has been busy packing and sending hundreds of them, worldwide. If you pre-ordered, check your mailbox in the next days. The Blu-Ray production is still in progress (due to the official Sony digital mastering guidelines), so they will be delivered within a few weeks as well.

Thank you for supporting us! If you have any question drop us a line a


19 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    HI All

    Looking forward to all the tutorials. I hope that Cute dog gives a helping paw.

  2. Aclariel says:

    Can’t wait!


  3. David McDermott says:

    Mine Arrived already(Dublin) wow that was quick! Thanks :)

  4. Yakk says:

    Mine arrived in Paris this morning.
    Thanks a lot guys for all the great work on that project.
    Congratulations !!

  5. oxben says:

    Delivered today in my mailbox here in France.
    Extra-fast delivery!

  6. Digidio says:

    Great news, but am I the only one who coolected it already. I’ve got the 32GB USB card. Very nice peace of work I can tell you

  7. Niobio says:

    Wonderful artistic card data. Arrived yesterday on September 10 here in Tuscany – Italy

  8. cadock says:

    Delivered today in Germany.
    Nice work on the tutorials!

  9. Shashank Raj says:

    Wow, good to hear that…

    Eagerly waiting for mine in India..

  10. boblob says:

    im signed up to the cloud But I cant find any windows builds of Gooseberry that have the new alembic hair system.

    how are we able to use the production files with out the alembic part built into the gooseberry build?

    • Andy says:

      Unless you want to simulate the hair, alembic shouldn’t be strictly necessary to open any of the “normal” scene files (you would need an initial cache, but we don’t supply these because of size restrictions). The models will just fall back to the un-simulated characters.
      Do the builds at work for you? I don’t have any windows computer around to test this, sorry.


      • boblob says:

        No, the windows and mac OS builds have the windows for the hair cache functions, but dont seem to do anything.
        I guess the alembic library hasnt been compiled for windows or mac cause the gooseberry studio was linux perhaps?

  11. luca says:

    hi, i’ve some trouble when open scene file. chars and sets linked are visible only like a empty. I do not knowhowe to load fall file(char,sets, props) :)

    • Andy says:

      Hey, thanks for checking out our files!
      1) Do you load the file from DVD, your local Harddrive or Blender Cloud?
      2) Is the directory structure intact, ie. next to ‘scenes’ (with all the shot files) should be a folder called ‘libs’. inside should be ‘chars’, ‘envs’, ‘maps’ and ‘props’. So for example, victor should be in ‘gooseberry/libs/chars/victor/victor.blend’ while your shot file is in ‘gooseberry/scenes/01_island/02_meet_victor/01_02_01_C3/01_02_01_C3.anim.blend’

      You should be able to browse the repository at the Blender Cloud here, even if you have no subscription, that can give you an idea where files should be in relation to each other. (The production files use relative paths everywhere)

      3) If the problem persists, all the necessary deps are fulfilled, which file is it?

      I hope that helps!

  12. Luca says:

    Hello andy ,
    I did as you said and everything works very well . I had just created folder (disk 1 , disk 2 ) on the PC and not loading the files . But now the rig Victor has some problems with the Ik . I also saw that we must enable all plug – in but I do not know what value to change to successfully operate the rig. In the demostration video of victor rig blenerrig5 Gui is a bit different and I can not find the switch on ik

  13. Daniel Karmeli says:

    Got my copy today. This thing is a gold mine.
    thank you very much for the hard work!
    A QUESTION! The DVD’s don’t contain the audio files of the movie. where are they?
    Are they included?

  14. Miguel Rivera says:

    I placed my order back in August 22nd but haven’t yet received mine. Whom do I contact regarding this? Maybe it hasn’t shipped out yet?

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