Preparing the campaign and SXSW

23 February, 2014 |  7 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

sxsw-tradeshow14What’s going on?

  • Everyone’s busy making a campaign teaser video!(They’ll hate me for spoiling stuff for it, so I won’t :)
  • Mathieu Auvray recorded voice actor last week, and will be in sound/design the next few days.
  • Francesco Siddi is working on the Blender Cloud
  • I’m working frantically getting the Crowdfunding campaign final!
  • Campaign and teaser will (should!) launch in about 10 days.

We also will be going to SXSW – and we have a booth at the trade-show March 9-12. The Netherlands government is supporting a delegation of 20 top representatives of the Creative Industry to present there – including Blender Institute with the Gooseberry Project. It’ll be the ultimate publicity and networking occasion for us :)


7 Responses

  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing the teaser.

    As far as the Blender Cloud goes, what are your thoughts of having cloud rendering as part of it?

  2. Daniel Vanegas says:

    Wow!! I’m proud of blender! 3 years ago I was deciding between maya and blender, and i decided for blender! Thanks God! i know this is just the beggining of a huge production environment

  3. russcript says:

    great news!; would you consider adding an RSS feed to this blog? that’s my(and probably others) preferred method for staying updated.

  4. ThatOtherPerson says:

    russcript: Since this is a WordPress blog, there is already a RSS feed at /feed/.

  5. joseph says:

    I Love Blender and am very thankful to all those who’ve created it, polished it, used it and evolving this amazing software tools.. quite the profound gift to the world.. thanks totally.

  6. PhysicsGuy says:

    Impressive! Being in the sxsw delegation is a big deal. I mean, Daan Roosegaarde is also in the delegation and he is on tv all the time!

  7. Angella says:

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