Gooseberry Weekly: November 28, 2014

1 December, 2014 |  9   Gallery

Another week, another screening of the animatic — and it’s been whittled down to a slightly shorter 16:20 (though another 1:20 still needs to go). Watch it with Gooseberry team commentary in the recording of this week’s round-up (just below)…or Blender Cloud subscribers will be able to find and watch this and all previous versions of […]


Weekly presentation – September 5, 2014

5 September, 2014 |  14  

Here’s my weekly quick grabs of the highlights of this week. YouTube stream of the meeting is here.

Making Of

Cosmos Laundromat: tornado concept art

28 August, 2014 |  2  

By David Revoy — concept art for the opening scene of the movie. (BTW, our loyal supporters get this and much more in the Blender Cloud! Tomorrow we share more highlights during the weekly.)