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The Evolution of Victor

13 July, 2015 |  9 Comments | Gallery | by Elysia Brenner

The animation is complete and the rendering is underway. (The pre-premiere is in just 2.5 weeks!) So now we wait… Which makes it the perfect time to take a look back at the overall prodcution process. My how things have changed since Mathieu began discussing the script with Sintel screenwriter Esther and the art with Tears of Steel concept artist David at the beginning of 2014, and also since the entire team got to work nailing down the concept, art, and story in July.

In this short series, which you’ll find on the Blender Cloud, we explore the development of the story and its three main characters, tracking the sometimes dramatic changes they’ve gone through from early concepts by David through Sarah‘s art direction and the rest of the studio’s art and animation, evolving with the team and Mathieu’s directorial vision.

We begin with the trickiest character, the hardest to pin down, and therefore the most changed along the way. Yep, that’s him in the image of top, and these are all Victor too:

For the full story of all the changes this character went through, and why, plus access to all the various images made during his development, head to the Cloud, right here. Then check back here next week for a look at the film’s other characters and the evolution of the story in general.

9 Responses

  1. Dario says:

    Hey, for some reason it’s not posible to download the pdf “The evolution of victor” from the cloud. I get this message:

    “Not Found

    The requested URL /70/70516e32ab9962dd20bc047e07da7b8c342ad476.pdf was not found on this server.”

    • Elysia Brenner says:

      Thanks for pointing this out; I’m having the same problem. We will look into it!

  2. Now, that’s some serious teasing…. This story looks very intersting but the link for the PDF is still dead ! Maybe you have to re-upload it ?
    Thanks !

  3. Luciano says:

    Link still not working guys!

  4. Should be working now. In some cases the file might be broken, will be fixed tomorrow latest.

    • Peter Wolfe says:

      The PDF download is STILL not working. I keep getting the same 404 error :(.

  5. Joost Bouwer says:

    Oh wow! I just found out that Victor is an awesome character. It was never clear to me that Victor was a condemned person a la Davey Jones. Now I’m seriously looking forward to the other episodes. Will they be made or might the project be abandoned as well?

    • Thanks for the positive reaction. I prefer to wait for the response from the audience and the (potential) market… but I’m quite optimistic that we’ll continue this one way or another.

      First I want to have the film out, and we need well deserved holidays!

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