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Video: How Matias Made 1000+ Storyboard Images

12 November, 2014 |  9 Comments | by Elysia Brenner

Mathias screenshot

Now that you have all seen the latest animatic (those of you on the Blender Cloud, anyway), Gooseberry director Mathieu Auvray has put together a video showing where the  more than 1,000 images used to make it came from. Matias Mendiola, Gooseberry’s storyboard artist based in Argentina, walks you through his process, from blue-pencil sketches to full digital drawings, in just 2½ minutes.

9 Responses

  1. Eibriel says:

    :D just a small typo: “Argentina”

  2. konfeta says:

    Great job, Matias and Mathieu! I really enjoyed this little ‘insider’ movie. Especially seeing the transformation from the big white wall to ‘Matias’ wall’!

    Keep like that!

  3. Hassan says:

    Great job, the animatics look realy good, you guys are truely story tellers !!

  4. Olav Bergsvik says:

    what image editing software did he use? I can’t get what he said, someone help? :)

  5. s0ndeb0k says:

    Hmm seems like my HTML tag did not work… Krita

  6. wow! Greats storyboarding!

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