Weekly – August 29, 2014

30 August, 2014 |  13 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

What a great weekly we had! There’s definitely a team spirit growing now, ideas are boiling and cooking more efficiently, productivity going up, people communicating better, roles being established, you know… the stuff that happens when you put a bunch of talented people together after a month or so! 

Watch the entire recording of the weekly here.

Getting the right visual concepts for for a film is really tough – and although we’re far from ready it’s getting more clear what direction the film is heading now. Really really awesome. I’m also really happy to see a more tangible outcome of the hairsim project now. Yeah.. we all went happily smiling and chattering to our well deserved friday evening with beer and pizzas. Highlights pasted below. (Expect much more complete posts about style, characters and code work coming here soon).

victor_008_deevad timthumb-2 timthumb-2 timthumb timthumb Dragonfly_mendio_02 rene_concepts  frog_sarah_02 tara_sarah_11small

13 Responses

  1. Ah! Those animations look great!

  2. henryx says:

    i was thinking that the animals and characters could have a laundry theme.
    maybe the frog is slipper and translucent because its part soap, the butter fly could be lint,bubbly . almost subliminally .
    example in Monsters inc the cars sound were screams. i became aware only after watching movie with directors commentary audio.
    just an idea

    • matray says:

      Hey, we’re on top of that already. The cleaning “vocabulary” has a big part in the designs. It’s also very connected to the whole story for the feature. So stay open for “easter egg” :)

  3. pawelstarz says:

    The first drawing is something you should definitely use in final animation…

  4. jay says:

    Wow things are coming together already, the concept art and hair sim look great!

  5. zohozer says:

    I like the girl character, especially the cartoon style from the second row. Also the frog eating…. something looks good. The translucency effect will be good to have into the final render!

  6. MG says:

    is there any particular reason for Revoy’s sketches being a bit “stiff” in poses and expressions?

    Being a cartoon-ish shouldn’t they be more exaggerated?

    • Deevad says:

      It’s exactly because I can’t go cartoon-ish ; and do squeeze and stretch type of design. The part of the design I’m taking care are in the ‘reality’ of all our worlds, and all volumes needs to be solids. This ‘reality’ will be still heavy stylised, but no elastic proportions, nor aestheticly curving in this part of the movie is allowed. Knowing this certainly affect my drawings.

  7. Nice animation cycles ! I really like the vanilla jump in particular,it looks bouncy. Well done ! I can’t wait to see your next progresses. Keep it up !

  8. syed says:

    Awww.. I am falling in love with Blender… All over again… Thank you developers

  9. Laverne says:

    I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your site. Do you ever
    run into aany internet browser compatibility issues? A few of my blog visitors have complained about my site not operating
    correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?

    • Hi Laverne!

      I’m glad you like the new design. And yes, compatibility is always an issue, but it can be worked around.

      I officially support only the latest stable Internet Explorer (10), outdated are a problem not only for the web developer but mainly for the safety of the visitor. In the case of Blender.org is still less than 2% of the total, so even though it’s still a number, I don’t consider it priority. We’re lucky to have a community more friendly towards free and open source software, and they don’t have problems because usually use a modern open source browser such as Firefox or Chromium (Google Chrome).

      I personally make sure the sites work on the latest (1-2 years old) Firefox and Google Chrome. Older than that is consider legacy. It’s important to make sure the website still works, text will be readable, but some animations might be lost. So don’t hide sensible information under animated-only layouts.

      Lastly, add vendor-specific prefixes to your CSS! I’ve been using http://pleeease.io/play/ and seems to work great!

      Glad you like the site!

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