Weekly meeting, September 26, 2014

26 September, 2014 |  7 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Below you can find a quick selection of highlights of last week’s artwork, and the link to the webcam video.

It’s really about time to have a blogpost explaining all our work in a more coherent way. We do our best, it’s just as always too busy :) 

gooseberry backdrop convergence_plane tara_nyxia_2 other_caterpillar_sarah_01 clocks_sarah_01

7 Responses

  1. K.A.Byggjordet says:

    I allways love watching the weeklies.

  2. Fred Flinstone says:

    I can do the torus in a plane.

  3. MG says:

    Hi guys,

    if possible would be nice to have a separate video in full quality (no hangouts streaming compression) about the four green Suzanne with different hair styles, like you did for the bending comparisons. They looked terrific but video quality is low.

    Thank you and keep rockin’!

  4. Big Fan says:

    Thanks for the weekly. Looks like steady progress but I am still a little concerned indecision and the refinement of the first scene and script is taking up more time than it should.
    While the artists have to be happy things are going to work well it ought to be firmed up soon else it will end up creating a cram at the end that may mean cutting something we would rather not. We saw this effect before in Blender movies. Better to plan for instance on 3 caterpillars as ‘extras’ in a scene and go back and add another 3 if there is time rather than dream/think too big with 9 at the outset.
    Regardless of the potential in a story it is unlikely we will ever have a really big studio budget for as visually complex a movie as we could imagine. We do have just as good artists and coders though who are keen to and do produce great results. The team’s vision of the pink forest, characters etc are really good so far I think and I think the concept for Victor has improved with each iteration.
    Anyway all good so far IMO but just keep focused on what can be achieved with what we have, in the time we have. :)

    • matray says:

      Hey ! We are working on this for sure. It’s a struggle to be realistic and ambitious at the same time :) But since we are still in the creative process (writing and story-boarding, and desgning the movie) we also prefer to take some extra time investigating and solving script or character weaknesses, not to hav to deal with drastic decision later on. The more iterations and “test” process we have on this, the more solid it will be to the end. And for now we are becoming very confident on the story and plot, the way the should be. The same goes for the character, which is great to get confindence in the movie.
      Thanks for you interest !

  5. Loving the updates guys!

  6. JG Loquet says:

    WOW backdrop in the VSE :) what a good idea gotta try this at once !

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