Weekly presentation – August 8 2014

8 August, 2014 |  5 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Today’s weekly we welcomed visitors from Monkeystack studios in Adelaide (Ben Dansie says HI!). Thanks to Ben they’re (starting to be) working with Blender now too.

Mathieu gave us a quick intro to the new condensed script – which will help getting us the right focus for the Pilot story, otherwise things grow out of control into a 20+ minute film. The main events now are the island with salesman and the caterpillar/butterfly world. 

Here’s some artwork I could quickly copy from the session!

frank_04 frank_03 frank_01 Concept_1 Caterpillar&butterfly Caterpillar_Research Blanche_body_2 tara_mat_01 franck_mat_17-18 franck_mat_11-14-15 franck_mat_01 01_frank_008

5 Responses

  1. JG Loquet says:

    Hehe, very funny the cater-sheep-ar !

  2. Gabriel says:

    I have to say, i really enjoyed that ant sketch, so lovely and cute ^^
    I really look forward to this movie!

  3. The concepts and models are looking great, although our beloved sheep seems so depressed !

    Keep up the good work !

  4. Big Fan says:

    Love the last sheep concept. Really jaded, browned off look. The eyes of the first one are too glossy IMO. Should be a bit flat and dry like his current life.
    Pleased to see the script is being cut back for the pilot. We want this pilot to be high quality and convincing of potential to come so as to secure big funding. Better to do a bit and do it very well. ;)

  5. Adam Earle says:

    What is that white Pokemon/ Digimon with fairy wings character doing in number 4 image? IMO not kool.

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