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Lukas and Antony arrived

23 July, 2014 |  5 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

20140723_105957These weeks several people will arrive, marking the beginning of the Gooseberry project.

Since last monday we have two Blender programmers here. Both will be working on complex aspects of the creation pipeline (hair/cloth sim,  particles, nodes, depsgraph, etc). 

20140723_141645As a warming up they’ve been assigned to do smaller jobs now. Antony wrapped up his paint tools branch (now in git master), works on his new opengl selection code (more compatible with ‘gaming cards’ from AMD, Intel, Nvidia, etc), and finishes pie menus.
Lukas added a sun-beam compositing node, enabled generic 4k (UHD) double-pixel-size drawing for the UI, and is currently checking compositor speedup and ‘canvas awareness’ there.

On the last photo: happy coder with his new (just delivered) ergonomic German engineered chair!


5 Responses

  1. MG says:

    Good luck and have fun guys, both of you got extremely interesting projects, I hope the “nodification” can start soon, can’t wait for it!


  2. Sean Kennedy says:

    I couldn’t be more excited about the things Lukas is working on! Canvas awareness and speed up will finally give the compositor the solid foundation it needs!

  3. Jason Peel says:

    All the best with the project guys! I have no doubt it you will both continue to make Blender even more incredible.


  4. horace says:

    what is canvas awareness? :)

  5. PhysicsGuu says:

    Doesn’t it hurt to see those hard plastic wheels on your newly finished floor?

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