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CGPress interview with Mathieu Auvray

1 November, 2015 |   

The CG news site CGpress has published a four-page interview with director Mathieu Auvray. The article has been featured on other sites such as Evermotion, 3DVF and CGRecord, among others. Lots of people reading it!  

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Animago Award for Cosmos Laundromat!

16 October, 2015 |  10  

Cosmos Laundromat just won the Jury’s Award at Animago, a worldwide renowned contest in the entire field of 3D animation, still, visual effects and visualization! Pictures below: the award catalog with great cover! And the jury report in German. I’m sure someone will post a translation here :)

Making Of,Meet the Team

Netherlands Film Festival premiere

25 September, 2015 |    Gallery

The internet premiere was last month, but yesterday we had our real festival premiere on the Netherlands Film Festival, together with three other animation shorts. Always cool to attend such official events with red carpet (no press for us ;) and after parties. We’ve had great response from the audience, Mathieu got his first flower […]

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Team on tour: SIGGRAPH, Dreamworks, Google, Pixar

19 August, 2015 |  9   Gallery

Last week we’ve had a great time on SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles – after the crowded screening of the film on the Blender “Birds of a Feather”, we hosted a booth at the tradeshow for 3 days. Hundreds of people came by to share their compliments. With Cosmos Laundromat we’ve definitely left a great impression […]

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DVD/BD/DC Mastering ready!

7 August, 2015 |  6  

Well that was the most epic deadline fight ever. Francesco and Sergey worked here all night to get the masters ready, quality demands (wrong gamma) required last night to make a complete new film export from the OpenEXRs and encode it all over. Looks even more great (and less dark) now! The guys left this […]

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Pre-premiere video impression

31 July, 2015 |  2  

More photos and impressions will be shared soon, here’s one fresh from Sybren’s camera. It was a blast!!!

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(Pre-)Premiere: 30 July, EyeFilm

7 July, 2015 |  3  

It is officially confirmed now! We have a pre-premiere in the spectacular EyeFilm cinema in Amsterdam. The theater we rented is the smallest one, only 70 people will fit in… but we will do two screenings! The stats: Thursday July 30 EyeFilm, Amsterdam Screening at 17.30h and 18:10h in Cinema 4 Want to join? We […]

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Heatwave! Last month production update

2 July, 2015 |  6  

The creative work is over, we now work on feeding the render farm and wrap up the project by writing docs, recording tutorials and other presentations. There are also DVDs/Blurays to be mastered, including all of the extras we want to do! Hjalti (photo) planned his video voice over recording on the hottest day of […]

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Wrap 1: Last day of Mathieu

30 June, 2015 |  5  

Today – after 11 months in Amsterdam, Mathieu went back to Paris. He will have a short holidays and start preparations for other exciting film projects. He will also be working with Eric Cervera on the final sound mix, and he’ll be back here end of July for a final grade – and a pre-premiere […]

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Behind the screens

12 April, 2015 |  7   Gallery

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I got a new 24mm pancake lens for my camera and since then I’ve been annoying the entire team by frantically taking pictures of everyone and everything! :) I wanted to share some of them with you since we don’t usually show a lot of the day to day work […]