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DVD/BD/DC Mastering ready!

7 August, 2015 |  6 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

airport-zurichWell that was the most epic deadline fight ever. Francesco and Sergey worked here all night to get the masters ready, quality demands (wrong gamma) required last night to make a complete new film export from the OpenEXRs and encode it all over. Looks even more great (and less dark) now! The guys left this morning early to the airport, flew to Zurich for a stopover to Los Angeles. There they logged in remotely to continue work on everything, while I was running around burning discs and running tests.

Luckily their plane was delayed over 5 hours! That’s always horrible, but this time it was just enough to get everything sorted out. I imagine they’re sleeping the whole flight to LA. They deserve their day off tomorrow. Well. Except for the Ikea visit to get booth furniture… but that’ll be fun!

I now have to pack too, and fly tomorrow morning to LA.

Masters go with courier express to the printing factory on monday. Will take two weeks and then we’ll ship it all.
Believe me, it’s worth the investment. Get them now while they’re hot!


(BTW: the Blu-ray edition is two discs now, otherwise it didn’t fit the full 32 GB of png renders, and 20 GB of studio data!)

6 Responses

  1. andy says:

    Got to say the cover looks awesome. Nice and colorful. Should make a for a nice poster for the studio as well.

    Congrats on finishing the film.

  2. Gavin says:

    How long did that take to render?

  3. manuel says:

    what is “DC”…?

  4. Aclariel says:

    Amazing, can’t wait.
    Thank you Ton and all the team!

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