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New team member: Gabriel Caraballo

20 January, 2015 |  4 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Today Gabriel ‘eibriel’ Caraballo arrived in the studio. In the past years he’s worked as lead TD for the Kiribati film project in Argentina, responsible for the pipeline, asset/project software, and making sure Blender fits into the overall production well.

Gabriel will be working for two months with Francesco on our own pipeline,  especially making sure things work smoothly in the Blender Cloud, so we can collaborate with external artists, better plan and manage the project, and give every Gooseberry supporter a great overview and download access to everything we do.

Welcome, Gabriel!

4 Responses

  1. Awesome! Eibriel it’s very clever, and humble firefighting guy! he built from 0 the our puzzle and volatile pipeline in Kiribati’s project. He with the blender’s talented artists and developers I’m sure it will end building and outstanding solid and smooth pipeline. Really glad for him! a pleasure to work with him.

    best regards!

  2. hetors says:

    Hey Eibriel, wow!, suddenly you appear in the Blender Institute! you didn’t tell me anything about this! haha, congratulations!!, I hope to see you here again in San Luis.
    By the way, bring here some Blender’s T-Shirt please!, I’ll pay for it ;) .

    See you.

  3. Eibriel says:

    Thanks!! You make me blush :P

    I’ll ask Ton for some T-Shirt!!

  4. Dalai says:

    Cool, congrats Gabriel :)

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