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Procedural Grass Shader

5 February, 2015 |  6 Comments | by Manu Järvinen

Hi again, Manu here.

Victor looks so finished now that Andy had the possibility to help us with the Franck’s grooming and shading, to really push it to the next level (with Lukas’s new hair features, of course). I started to work on environment again, and noticed Andy had made a very helpful procedural shader for some of the grass he had modeled. I think it will really inspire some of you procedural fellows out there, since there’s no image textures being used.

So, here I gathered a not-so-little, and maybe a bit messy, chart on how the shader is constructed.
Click on it to see it full size (8072 x 2931 pixels). Be careful not to crash your browser. :)


6 Responses

  1. Aclariel says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    Very nice looking shader.

  2. TheRegularGuy says:

    Inspiring indeed.

  3. Mr Bleu says:


    It definitivly look great.
    Maybe you can improve it using negativa leaf shader :

    * when using a green texture as diffuse, the translucency texture should be a little yellowishso maybe a HSV node between diffuse texture and translucent one
    * it’s surely not physically correct (in term of conservation of energie) but the add shader that add two translucency simulates the two faces the light go throught
    * the camera ray can be use also to speed up thinks.

  4. Awesome tutorial but i wonder…how do u use the same uv for “brighten at the tips” and “darken in the middle”?? I had to put a texture cordinate node nd rotate one of them by 90 degrees…dunno if i am doing something or what…

    • Andy says:

      that is totally the right thing to do. i just did it directly in the texture panel under Mapping.

  5. Joel Godin says:

    Looks good for a painting, but not very realistic. (maybe realism is not what you wanted, not sure) but real grass has fine light or dark strands running through them and almost you can see the cells in a leaf. Maybe add some voronoi noise.

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