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Gooseberry in blender master.

25 August, 2015 |  28  

This is a post mortem development post recounting my personal work during the Gooseberry project, detailing which features made during gooseberry made it to blender master, which didn’t and why. Since there have been some concerns about transparency, I will be posting some information here: I’ve been working as a paid member of the gooseberry […]

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Hjalti’s animation tutorials

5 August, 2015 |  9  

Our animator Hjalti Hjalmarsson completed hours of animation tutorial and shot breakdowns. Nearly everything is already in Blender Cloud, for the subscribers. It’s also going to be on the Bluray/DVD box/Datacard. Enjoy, it’s big fun to watch. (And recording during a heatwave!) -Ton-

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Order your Blu-Ray, Data Card or DVD box!

26 July, 2015 |  14  

Ordering started, products will be shipped in 2nd half August. The 64 GB dual layer blu-ray disc will work for your (video) bluray player to watch on TV as well as in your computer as data disc. It has a regular video menu to play the film itself and several extras. Used in a computer […]

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Video: the studio gets a new feature!

12 May, 2015 |  5  

Lucas adds a better caching feature, I grab the camera and film the action. Nothing special, just a regular day in the Blender Institute! -Ton-

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MathieuVSE Editing Tutorial: Part 2 (with fixed sound)

22 April, 2015 |  15  

Here is the second part of the editing tutorial for Blender’s VSE, which I am using to edit Cosmos Laundromat. We’ve been using the VSE to edit footage we’ve shot with the actors and synchronize them with the audio recorded at the sound studio. The main difficulty has been Blender’s poor playback performance. It was […]

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Severin (Julian) Is in the Studio!

31 March, 2015 |  4  

The Blender Institute will be graced with another brilliant mind for the next two weeks: Julian Eisel (probably better known to most of you as Severin) has come to Amsterdam to help Antonis build widgets! Julian is the youngest in the studio (he’s currently studying computer science in Homburg, Germany) but he’s become an enthusiastic […]

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Blender Cloud Stats Open for All!

27 March, 2015 |  1  

When we shared the Happy Cloud 2 video and the new Cloud dashboard feature, we promised that more Cloud stats would be available soon. Well, if you’re following Ton on Twitter (or Project Gooseberry), you might have seen the following tweet go by:   Blender Cloud stats – open for everyone! (If you have an […]

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Code with Gooseberry Flavor

19 March, 2015 |  16  

The Gooseberry project moves ever forward and the team is deep into making the movie. Blender is being put to the test again and modified to meet the needs of this production. So, what do code monkeys do in this environment behind the scenes? What are their eating habits? What branches do they climb on? […]

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Random Artist Tasks

10 March, 2015 |  8   Video

Some time ago Andy made so nice timelapse that I also wanted to start recording randomly whatever I happened to be working on. Here I edited a nice and quick clip from the material so far. Enjoy! Music in the video by: Konstantin Kotov – “Ambient techno” – CC-BY 3.0 – Manu

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Procedural Grass Shader

5 February, 2015 |  6  

Hi again, Manu here. Victor looks so finished now that Andy had the possibility to help us with the Franck’s grooming and shading, to really push it to the next level (with Lukas’s new hair features, of course). I started to work on environment again, and noticed Andy had made a very helpful procedural shader […]