Weekly – August 29, 2014

30 August, 2014 |  13  

What a great weekly we had! There’s definitely a team spirit growing now, ideas are boiling and cooking more efficiently, productivity going up, people communicating better, roles being established, you know… the stuff that happens when you put a bunch of talented people together after a month or so! 


Weekly, 22 August 2014

22 August, 2014 |  14  

Quickly grabbed six pictures from our weekly folder to share. Character development is still continuing, hair solvers are being investigated, Hjalti arrived this week to start doing animation tests, and I am recovering from Siggraph jetlag still! 


Weekly – August 15, 2014

18 August, 2014 |  19  

Aaand another week went by! Ton and Francesco were away for SIGGRAPH last week, but that didn’t stop the Gooseberry team and developers at the Blender Institute from having fun. On the Gooseberry side we’ve been working on character design and script, solid foundations for this week’s goals of defining the look of secondary/extra characters. On the […]


Weekly presentation – August 8 2014

8 August, 2014 |  5  

Today’s weekly we welcomed visitors from Monkeystack studios in Adelaide (Ben Dansie says HI!). Thanks to Ben they’re (starting to be) working with Blender now too. Mathieu gave us a quick intro to the new condensed script – which will help getting us the right focus for the Pilot story, otherwise things grow out of […]