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Hjalti’s animation tutorials

5 August, 2015 |  9 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Our animator Hjalti Hjalmarsson completed hours of animation tutorial and shot breakdowns.

Nearly everything is already in Blender Cloud, for the subscribers. It’s also going to be on the Bluray/DVD box/Datacard.

Enjoy, it’s big fun to watch. (And recording during a heatwave!)


9 Responses

  1. Owldude000 says:

    Thanks for the workflow! It’s great to see a fully finished, HD shot rendered—the tornados inside the washing machines look downright superb. Can’t wait for the premiere!

  2. Manuel says:

    Hjalti’s running tutorial is currently not loading on the cloud. :)
    Really awesome seeing the progressions! The final quality is amazing! Is there any compositing happening? (Is there to come any breakdowns of Andy’s last minute fixes for example? :))

  3. Dale says:

    For some reason, for me, all of the files are download-able except for “Running Sheep Shot.”
    I’m enjoying going through the rest of them, though.

    • Dale says:

      I can now download “Running Sheep Shot,” and I gotta say, this is exactly what I was hoping for in an animation tutorial: an explanation of why things were done, and how decisions were made. I like it a lot. Thanks, Hjalti.

  4. Aclariel says:

    Can’t wait!
    I’m speechless.
    It looks just amazing.
    This is going to be big.
    Congratulations guys!

  5. April says:

    This looks fantastic! I have been watching all the work this team has been doing for the past several months and I am truly loving where all this is going. I would love to be a part of something like this. To create this type of work would be so much fun! Keep it up and I greatly look forward to seeing the final film! :)

  6. moises says:

    fun and very tedious work but the end result is amazing
    lucky friends

  7. Mike2008 says:

    Amazing stuff! The hours that go into such a project and each piece of it are really something to be astonished at. It was also interesting to see how many takes are done and the decisions that are made before moving on to the next level. The process really looks like it is not an easy thing to just whip out and on to the next. Thanks for the preview! I never realized the amount of work it takes to produce something that is good. Now I do not feel so bad if my 2 day project looks like crap! ;O)

  8. Ralph Gauer says:

    Hello… The link does not work? I would love to see these…

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