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Welcome Bastien and Julia to Amsterdam!

4 December, 2014 |  1 Comment | by Elysia Brenner

The Blender Institute has been another developer richer since Monday: please welcome Bastien Montagne to the studio!

Bastien Montagne Hailing from the Western French countryside (Brittany), Bastien has been using Blender since the early days (2002), when he fell for the (in his words) “richness and complexity” of the software. (And the free thing obviously didn’t hurt either.) Bastien started using the software as an artist, and later began contributing to community as a developer. About four years ago he began making Python add-ons and C-code modifiers and other stuff. His work caught Ton’s eye, who was looking for more game-oriented developers, and he was offered a grant from the Blender Foundation to work on that and general Blender support. He will be here in Amsterdam for 3 weeks to help with the asset manager project.

Julia Velkova Also here for 3 days this week is Julia Velkova, whom you may remember from her last visit to the Institute in August! Like last time she is spending her time absorbing the Blender studio way of life and interviewing the people who are working here about what they do and how they do it for her graduate study program at Södertörn University in Stockholm. You might remember her excellent report from her last visit. Look forward to a shorter update from her on her second visit soon!

Unfortunately Julia’s headed back to Sweden just before the weekly, but you will get the chance to see Bastien live if you follow along tomorrow (Friday) at 18:00 CET from the Gooseberry YouTube channel.

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    “Hailing from the Western French countryside (Britannia)”

    You mean Brittany!

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