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Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle

10 August, 2015 |  154 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

(Rating: 13y or older) We’re very proud and happy to share the first 10 minutes of Cosmos Laundromat with you. It’s been more than a year of hard work by many people! Thanks everyone for helping to make it, and thanks to the thousands of supporters and donators for making it possible.

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On behalf of everyone on the team,

Ton Roosendaal.

154 Responses

  1. Aaron Carlisle says:

    Amazing really amazing guys and girls can’t wait for more

  2. Manuel says:

    Hats off to all of the team! This was outstanding! The quality of the images, the animation, the sound, the smoke, the hair, the composition! A true milestone!
    I am optimistic this episode ensures the support for the continuation of this fantastic story.

  3. Lukasz says:

    Open source is getting more and more powerful. Great work, Blender team!

  4. Mason Menzies says:

    Do you think i could get the frame for a wallpaper (in the video it’s at 7:50) it’s a fantastic shot. i would love the full res frame of it if that’s ok. fantastic work on the pilot. when will the creation of the rest start?

    • Stephen says:

      It’s all open source, if you’re a Blender Cloud member I’m pretty sure you can download the project files and render it yourself :)

    • Aclariel says:

      Like Stephen said,
      there should be actually around 32 GIG of PNGs (Every single rendered frame in high definition) available.

  5. so cute
    I hope you are very successful and congratulations to all

  6. Yves PERERA says:


    This is (as always) amazing !!!
    Yet, starting from 58 seconds, the rope that pulls the log disapears and reappears quite noticably :/ having such a mistake directly from the begining cuts out the awesomeness of the whole thing (because then we tend to look out for more disturbing details like the un-smoothness of the earphones wire ^^’)

    Nontheless there are some astonishing views !!! The landscape, the sky, the ocean, … it just amazed me !

    Congrats for all that hard work, can’t wait to see next cycle ;)

    • UnintelGen says:

      Funnily enough, you might be wrong about the rope. It’s covered by the tall thick grass which shields it (the rope) for the shot. You aren’t suppose to notice the rope until it’s being tugged, which is evident when Franck tries to pull the log away from the frame. The popping of the rope in and out of the grass helps to sell Franck’s burden. It has to be lifted up very high when he tugs, and on the ground when he releases.

      There are probably some inconsistencies; I for one feel the smoke sims are a bit ‘off’… Somehow. I can’t really articulate it. The storm mainly; the washers are freaking perfect.

      I too cannot wait for the next cycle… It feels like it could be awhile, but it will be worth it.

    • Manuel says:

      The rope is being under tension when he pulls, then the tension is released. When its under tension the rope straightens out, thus is visible, when its released, it falls down, thus “disappearing” in the grass. Nothing wrong there ;)

      • Yves PERERA says:

        Hey thanks for the replies :)

        I did notice the tension effect from the scene that was “shot” further away from Frank (and on the side) it helps to understand why, from a close up, the rope is disappearing like that. ^^ I understand the whole will to memphasize the dificulty of the labor.
        Yet I’m just saying that at the begining, the disappearing and reappearing is a bit to sudden and looks quite fake (like there is an “appear” button turned on and off). However if that scene seems normal to everyone else than that’s great (it’s just me imagining things ^^’). In my opinion that was quite a big and obvious flaw… All the better if isn’t. :)

        I agree with the smoke sims being a bit “off” (as you say Unintelgen) however I liked the storm… It’s the cigarette smoke that’s bugging me more. ^^

        • pe8er8 says:

          While I agree with you from a technical standpoint, I think you are missing the strength of the piece. In terms of producing a real story with characters that have heart and emotions that an audience wants to follow, of providing a cinematic experience with richness and depth, where the audience experiences the story instead of watching the smoke simulations, then I think the piece was very successful.

    • Darrin says:

      I do not think smoking should be in anything that kids might watch .. i realy liked the skit until that point.. it turned my excitement form this is a movie i would want kids to see to . there is no way i would want them around the film.. i don’t think brain washing kids in to thinking smoking is cool by having a main actor doing it , should be done.. i would like to see a little more responsibility please .. no smoking .. thank you.

      • me says:

        Personally, I checked out of thinking I might re-show this when the animal spoke foul language about its hooves. Sure, I get that Blender has a lot of European developers and culture there is different than America. I get that young America doesn’t object to the language as much as older America. Still, I wouldn’t want to endorse the film for that reason alone. I’m also not a fan of the smoking. If an organization chooses to help erode worthy values, like social respect and not damaging one’s self, then I choose no place for such things in the part of my life known as entertainment.

        • Jake says:

          You are missing out on soooo much art because of your puritan ways.

        • kelly says:

          I agree. Sometimes directors and/or screenwriters who resort to foul language in their attempt to create “realism” are trying to hide bad acting or scriptwriting. I’m not saying that happened with this film — rather in this case it was just gratuitous and unnecessary.

          Some people say “oh it’s just a word”. Yes, it is a word, but it’s language that signals a lack of respect to the audience, and screenwriters toss them into scripts precisely because it’s not “just another word” (see above).

          The film was beautiful and excellent, but it would be equally (or more) beautiful and, importantly, NO less realistic without it.

          • luciano freitas says:

            it’s a 13 years-old-rated movie. if your kids can’t understand the risks of smoking already, I think it’s a great opportunity to talk about it now… ;-) though, “animation movies” it’s not equal to “movies for kids”. worthly values must come from parents and family, not from media. and excuse my broken english!

          • Hello says:

            I did not even react the slightest on foul language here, while never using it myself and actually disliking it on others. But it is a part of our world and one defines a person in a plot by using it. Like using a cigarette. Where I live in Norway it shows somebody with a low intellect, low social status or very old and could not stop – being very categorizing. I may think in Greece it would mean something very different?
            About mental illnesses: It is likewise a part of our world, like sex, being naked and unlike killing and blood spilling which is easily shown in many main stream movies, especially from the US. So what is allowed to be shown in a movie which wants to appeal to your senses and stretch your mind?

            I think the movie was cool, perfectly done, amazing effects and ideas. I just wait for more.

            Thanks so far!

      • Mike says:

        I get the point DARRIN; smoking should not be portrayed in a kids movie as a “cool” thing to do. However, I’d also like to point this out: the main character never actually got around to it… the main character abandoned the activity in lieu of the emergency of helping another “lost soul”.

        If you think about it that way, the message I got from it “you got more important things to do than to sit back and smoke”.

  7. Marc Binsted says:


  8. lol768 says:

    Is there a download available?

    • Downloads will be available later, we didn’t setup mirrors for it yet.
      Cloud subscribers will be able to download it within a day.

      • Tombert says:

        I am so damn impressed with how good blender has gotten.

        This is professional grade, and it warms my heart that it was done with open source.

        Great work guys, I *cannot wait* until the next one, hopefully soon!

  9. Clemens says:

    Congratulations for the best and most genuine open movie to date! Such a shame it’s so short, but I’m glad you didn’t compromise on quality. Now celebrate and enjoy the rest of the summer! – And then find a way to give us more of this.

  10. Ray J. Braz says:


  11. doakey3 says:

    It looks epic! I really liked that colorful tornado and the music. The wool on the sheep was pretty awesome. Too bad there’s an F-bomb, I was hoping to show it to my nieces and nephews.

    • Chris Hamilton says:

      Yes I was very disappointed to see that kind of profanity. Shame on the directors. I’ll watch it again once its out and someone has the decency to make some edits. It’s amazing how such a beautiful production can be trashed with just a few moments of gross indiscretion.

      • DomTheHerb says:

        Honestly, that’s ridiculous. Using the word “fuck” (oh yes I said it) only adds to the atmosphere since frank wouldn’t give a damn about which words he could use or not given the situation he is in. And by the way you’re missing a lot of fantastic movies when you have a problem with cursing.

        • Ben says:

          Well, freaking paws would be enough to cover its load, it’s more appropriate I think. I also had an issue with the cigarette, even-though I smoke myself.
          For the rest, nothing else then compliments. I checked Sintel afterwards, which impressed me the first time. But seeing all the improvements in Cosmos Laundromat, makes Sintel look a bit pale now.
          Last thing I want to mention is, why not using native English voices?

      • Thomas says:

        You do realize the entire project has adult themes? The video starts with a clear attempt at suicide and the main character is clearly depressed and ready to attempt suicide once again.

        Thats the obsession we place on language yet things like violence, suicide and depression are perfectly ok to show to kids. Language is just words and shouldn’t hold so much power and fear over people.

        • Freja says:

          Applause for this answer

          • Aaron says:

            *censored for sensitive minds* that…. a standing ovation. We shield this generation from too much nowadays, what happens when we go at an all out war of the worlds? (and for all those that missed the point(s) of this video, to show the quality and astounding detail Blender can bring to a lot of our applications that are and are more than just practical, and maybe give a little inspiration to others to want to use the program for their works, and to input their entire hearts into that, and to show that “even when life seems bleak, don’t give up, anything is possible…)what will we do when we have failed, and the next generation can’t fend for themselves? words are just words. they only hurt if you allow them to. symbols on a paper and sounds from an organic communication device. nothing more. and the other concepts such as smoking and the suicide attempt, first of all, smoking is everywhere, i was “a kid once” and i still tend to think like one. we are going to find it anyway, some commercial is going to come on tv sooner or later about “smokeless cigarettes” and we see the things in situations most adults don’t. the little things, its why we are different… they are. and the suicide attempt, although a bit darker than the cigarette thing, it is the same thing, possibly more so that the tobacco as criminal minds and other cop shows that happen to be on tend to show this a lot, and don’t think the kid doesn’t know what that means, when mom or dad is watching it, they are smarter than you think. how you raise them will determine if they stay that way. if they see something , don’t shy it away like the plague, they are curious and need to know about it, then explain it in a way that will calm their fears. they are going to see it eventually, then wonder why “mommy and daddy lied to me when they told me babies come from storks” and they stop trusting you at age 15. show them, then be there to comfort them and guide them, that is what a parent is there for. although ALL that was besides the point, but just because the video shows some derogatory stuff, you shun it and don’t realize the true beauty behind what it was really created for. open your mind before judging something, get ALL the info before making a decision, because with any missing bit of info, that can turn a whole “case” the opposite direction. open your mind. consider everything before dismissing the possibilities. and for fuck’s sake… have a heart…


  13. apaza610 says:

    Really a perfectly done job, it’s so beautiful congratulations.

  14. Adam says:

    Outstanding work. Quite moving as well with the music and all.

  15. Stev says:

    I am incredibly proud! Another milestone for Blender. Visually stunning, technically moving the barriers higher again, and a film with characters and a story that will absorb people’s interest.

  16. Bart says:

    I enjoyed it! It turned out great!

    Love cycles. And this is only the first!

  17. Voodoo says:

    Fantastic work ! No 1080p though ? How come ? :(

  18. Stuart Bowes says:

    Well done to everyone that worked on this, it was definitely worth the time and effort! There is a lot of detail and subtelty and it gets better with each viewing.
    Thank you.

  19. Eduardo Inke says:

    Amaaaazing!!! Congratulations guys!

  20. darren says:

    Beautifully shot with a great music score. Looking forward to more :)
    Well done!

  21. BernAr says:

    Thanks everyone for that great experience. Let’s make sure the next cycles will come soon :-)

  22. Ragazzi, siete uno spettacolo!!

  23. blender_casual_user says:

    This is awesome!!

    Trailer was a little disappointing but this? It’s amazing! Good work everybody! :)

  24. Aclariel says:

    The visuals, animation, facial expression, music score, everything is just amazing! Again, this project is one to be really proud of. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone on the team!
    And also, a from the hearth thank you to the supporters.

    And again, this mite look cheesy, but a BIG thank you to you Ton.
    Without you, none of these projects would of seen the light of day.

    I can’t wait to show everyone I know, and to share this beautiful community and family.

    Best regards there is in the entire Universe!
    Sincerely your’s truly, Aclariel.

  25. Dave says:

    So when did the team at Pixar start using Blender?

    …yes…it was that good!! Loved it all and can’t wait for more.


    P.S. Agree with the comment on the F-Bomb though. Slightly out of place.

  26. So, I watched every one of the weeklies, and knew exactly what to expect – every last shot. It still surprised me with its beauty – it is absolutely spectacular to look at. Also couldn’t help but notice the sound design, as thats one thing that was never really discussed in the weeklies – really well done, brings the world to life, particularly the majesty of the rainbow twister and the moment of caterpillarisation. Also, I am now making up words.

    Brilliant job, and I am looking forward to chapter 2:-) Also looking forward to a high res version being made available on the cloud – want to have a close look at some of those frames!

  27. Luis Voronov says:

    Beautiful work.
    Guys, congrats. Everything is so colorful, the history, the characters and especially the soundtrack. I love it.

    Cheers for Blenderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

  28. Boisgerault Claude says:

    it’s beautiful, Congratulation for the team, Bravo !! , and continue.

  29. Aligorith says:

    Congratulations to the team on their stunning work!

  30. horace says:

    wow! :) it’s awesome!
    i hope the full movie will get made.

  31. Congratulations! This short movie is greats!

  32. PTroes says:

    Hard to believe my eyes at first look, just very, very awesome! kind of a giant achievement for me.

  33. April says:

    Congratulations to the whole team! You truly have done an incredible job with this one! I was so excited to see this video and from what I can tell, we will be in for a real treat as these projects continue to develop. Great job and look forward to the next!!

  34. Philip Han says:

    i want more!!!!!!!

    you guys awesome@@

  35. junlacibal says:

    WOW!! ASTONISHING, EXCELLENT. The smokes, The grass and fur interactions from wind and lumber, the rope animations, Those small details of animations is very difficult to achieved but done impressively. The character animations and everything are Breathtaking!! Keep up the good works guys!! You did a great jobs from free software, that’s why I absolutely shifted to BLENDER.
    Hope I can make a short movie like this or join in your team at least ,,

  36. Andre says:

    I hope the next episode won’t take that long…..

  37. Sayantan Chaudhuri says:

    :Applauds loudly:

  38. alwadhani says:

    what i loved about it is that not only the technical part but also the story is amazing, i think this is a quality that could be competing with Pixar, Disney and… others. no joke i really loved every part of this movie and am looking forward for the rest of the video.
    well done every one WELL DONE

  39. Bertam G. says:

    Good work shoving meaningless profanity into the animation and utilizing psychiatric disorders as the entirety of a character’s definition. Now you’ve just limited where and to whom this short can be played in its intended form.

    Strong language has its place but this felt forced and completely wrong within the context of a open film that’s meant to be an ambassador to a wonderful project. Next time think about making a deliverable that we can show to everyone. Even those who are not yet old enough to utilize Blender but could benefit from the sense of wonder we all experienced as kids watching our first animated film.

    The subject of depression and other severe psychiatric disorders is a tough topic and not one to be used lightly or to be used as the entire defining principle of a character. From a character writing standpoint its lazy. From the standpoint of trying to limit the damage that modern media has done to the public’s understanding of mental illness, this is downright disrespectful.

    That said, the technical aspects of the film are wonderful. The dynamics of the complicated wool/hair and the volumetric smoke are stunning. These open film projects are a fantastic way to push development and generate interest in a powerhouse FOSS application.

    I’ll end with an incredibly relevant quote from John Lasseter (Executive producer / Director / Writer of numerous animated films in conjunction with Pixar and Disney) It would behoove any future team working on Blender Foundation films to pay close attention.

    “From the beginning, I kept saying it’s not the technology that’s going to entertain audiences, it’s the story. When you go and see a really great live-action film, you don’t walk out and say ‘that new Panavision camera was staggering, it made the film so good’.

    The computer is a tool, and it’s in the service of the story”

    • Bill says:

      I think BERTAM G.’s comment is right on the mark.

      I’m no “profanity nazi” or wish to suggest that movies should avoid difficult subjects – but no way should this have been the topic of a movie designed to promote a product. It is a mistake that should have been caught on day 1.

      When I saw the first shot of his legs swinging, I thought “it’s a bit edgy, but he’s obviously biting an apple or something.”

      No. I was wrong. He was actually trying to commit suicide.

      The technical achievement and effort spent is breathtaking and brilliant. However, everything about this seems like it could be traced back to a single brainstorming session where “there’s no such thing as a bad idea”. Unfortunately, that is not true.

      • Bill says:


        It’s hard to judge the whole concept based on these 10 minutes…but I’m hoping, SO much, that the remainder and climax of this STORY are so incredible, that it makes any objection to the subject matter, completely irrelevant.

        I mean “Sixth Sense”, “Jagged Edge”, “Basic Instinct” territory. Where being an uncomfortable viewer is rewarded with a high impact resolution.

        If this ends up being a “wow…cool man…the universe is like totally big and loves you…we’re all sheep really” endeavour, then I may need a spin in the washing machine myself.

  40. Jonathan Y. says:

    Amazing work team! Hair and volumetrics are incredible. Thanks for showing us Blenders capabilities.

    I am, however, extremely saddened over the use of profanity. Not cool. If there is a re-release, I suggest it be changed.

    • jim says:

      People like you. This is NOT for kids under 12. The suicide theme is absolutely 100% clear about this. Therefore, why make a wuzz around profanity (1 word, calm the f— down)
      I would not show this to my nephew (6) even if it was without profanity. Not much wrong about that, the whole story will certainly base on this theme and make it be in its place.

      • Jonathan Yanke says:

        Please stop to consider that it is not only children under 12 who do not want to hear profanity. I do not want to hear it and I am not under 12 (I am 35 years old).

        What bothers me additionally is that Blender is showcasing its best visuals yet, but the use of needless profanity immediately restricts how broad the viewing audience will be — regardless of age. Think about it: because of profanity, some will not want to see Blenders best visuals yet. As seen in the comments, decisions such as this unnecessarily cause hurt, even among those of us Blender community.

        • RBR says:

          There is no broad viewing audience it’s just you and a small minority of people who have unrealistic expectations. Profanity doesn’t hurt anyone, hell it doesn’t even hurt children. It’s only offensive when it’s derogatory towards you but then again you can do that with any English word you filthy sausage wallet.

    • David says:

      I agree with you totally over the needless profanity. There should be a warning. That would allow those of us who avoid movies with objectionable language to exercise our freedom to not watch such. Sadly, anything else from the BF or BI will not be watched by my family or me.

      Ton, please consider pre-pending a warning to the Cosmos pilot and any future film projects. This isn’t censorship, just being responsible. By providing a warning, you allow each potential viewer to decide for themselves. This oversight has sullied the achievement of a fantastic demonstration of Blender’s capabilities in the hands of experts. It gives each of us casual, or up and coming pro, users of Blender a great boost and inspiration as to what may be accomplished with Blender in the days ahead.

      • Stefan S. says:

        I really wonder about the many complains about profanity. Is this an US-American thing? I know very religious people who have a problem if it is blasphemy (which is common swearing in the country I live in). I know people who wouldn’t use obscene words. But I never heard about people who “avoid movies with objectionable language”. Does it hurt? How can you leave the house without being hurt? Shouldn’t a movie be related to the real live? Should the bad boys in movies be well-behaved or just not exist?

      • Adding a short warning is fair, I’ve added this in the first line of the youtube description now. This film is for people older than 12 years. In USA you could call it “PG-13” then. That would warn people sufficiently I suppose.

    • LG says:

      I’ve made a quick edit of the film that removes both the profanity and a large portion of Frank dangling from the tree. It also has a parental discretion advisory at the beginning, as the film still deals with adult themes like suicide.

      I will post it if the licensing/Blender Foundation allow.

      As I am not associated with the project, those wishing to view the film are encouraged to view the official version, as intended by the film makers.

    • illwieckz says:

      Well, it seems some people are just complaining because it’s not Big Buck Bunny 2. That film was never expected to be a childish cartoon, animation does not mean kids, and nothing obliges the Blender Foundation to be limited by children’s entertainment constraints.

      Concerning the suicide theme and the strong word, well, that are real life concerns it’s normal to have movies about real life concerns, and there is already plenty of them. Having made a fantasy movie like Sintel¹ in the past does not mean they can’t have the right to be more explicit or explore other areas.

      ¹ You know, the movie where someone kills for real the beloved one because she looks for a mental image and an illusion instead of reality, preventing her to recognize the one she looks for, experiencing the real one as an obstacle to the one desired, fighting the reality as an obstacle to the wish, destroying by herself all her hopes because of her blindness.

      • plop says:

        Well, if you look at it, Big Buck Bunny is full of sadistic violence, it’s not suitable for children as well. _o_

    • Adam Dominec says:

      I am surprised how many people here feel offended by that single choice of words — but as far as I know, there are seven more billions people in the world. Perhaps we could settle on that you come from a different culture than the authors?
      To me, adding an American-style parental advisory at the beginning would feel quite disrespectful in this regard but the CC-Attribution license certainly allows you to do so.

    • Eric says:

      Understand that your choice to use profanity in your film along with mature themes does influence how large your audience will be. To make the goal of this film as successful as possible omitting profanity and sticking to family friendly themes is just good business sense. Become more established then unleash the “edgy stories”.

      • Freja says:

        Oh ffs. Grow up. Some things aren’t for kids. It hasn’t stopped alcohol or South Park.

    • JSG says:

      Certainly agree. The swear word is out of place. Like a child showing off they know one. Some inner city gritty realism it might be in keeping, but here it is just a sheep.

  41. Aravindkumar says:

    Awesome work guys , waiting for the next episode.

  42. Jan says:

    Congratulations! Amazing work team!

    Thank you

  43. Yes been waiting for ages for this, great all round!

    The sound works really well with the story and adds so much.
    Cant wait for part 2!

  44. YAFU says:

    Excellent! I liked it a lot and I want to know how the story continues.
    Congratulations to all the team!

    I noticed from 4:56min to 5:12min some noise in the out of focus beard, and some weird changes in the sheep hair located above the mechanism.

  45. Anony says:

    Very nice! Though the video quality was really disappointing, such a waste for those great visuals.
    I think it’s Youtube to be blamed, so I’m really waiting for a better quality option for everyone and not only the cloud members. Especially that Youtube doesn’t allow downloading in its ToS.

  46. Another Fellow says:

    the pacing of the episode is incredible. I remember it feeling off when watching the unfinished products, but now it’s finished it feels like this film could be something incredible. I hope that this time around you will get the support to make the entire movie.

  47. ChaosKills says:

    Amazing I can’t even to begin to explain how much I hope I can produce an image as well done as that one was! Hat’s off to all who made that short film… Hat flippin off to all of you!!!!!

  48. Josef Meier says:

    What a memorable milestone for Blender and the Open Source Community! I’m proud to be listed in the credits :-) !

  49. Josef Meier says:

    And the story plus dark atmosphere (I loughed about the F*** discussion earlier in this thread and hope that no kids or sheep’s psyche will be harmed by it :-D ) fits perfectly to an open source movie in my opinion. Finally no childish rubbish but adult entertainment. Yeah!

  50. Frank says:

    Is it rendered in CPU or GPU?

    • It’s rendered entirely on CPU (scenes use too much memory – up to 24gb – to be handled on GPU, Sub surface scattering and Smoke also work on CPU only)

  51. vilem d says:

    Best of open projects so far, definitely!
    Great animation, visuals, also charactes act so believable…. Glad those 10 minutes were spent for a slow buildup. Really, great improvement in the way what and how was produced…. :)
    A lot to criticise too again, but biggest part that hurt is sound overall , and also directing, but really, that doesn’t matter so much this time, other parts make it up for that.

    • czxcpp says:

      Wonderful video! It might be a pretty long story, I think, for the first ten minute is just a beginning. I can’t wait to see the whole film.
      However, there are still things to be improved. It seems that the shaking camera is a little bit strange. And there is no motion blur in the video. It makes fast motion scenes less smooth, especially when Frank is in the tornado.

      • czxcpp says:

        sorry to put my general comment under the reply slot.

        • Mudbunny says:

          Wonderful job! I have a hard time understanding how this magic happens. I laughed inside so hard when he complained about tying the rope with his hooves. Everyone who complains about the language needs to go to the babies room. How come Americans, of which I am need to find a tiny chinck and rip it into a scandal? Come on this film is one of the most incredible products in the history of open source. Stop the crying and view the video with the awe it deserves. Love me! Thanks.

  52. Neil PIke says:

    Beautiful, exquisite work… and personally I liked the “f-bomb” and so did my grandkids.

  53. Sergey says:

    When blender cloud users can download the wonderful video?
    I’ve been waiting it for 2 days..

    • It’s in Blender Cloud now, the team was in SIGGRAPH during the release… we’re behind with uploading and replying here.

  54. paweł starz says:

    Although I knew whole story I was watching this and I still have been wondering what was going to happen next. Good job team!

  55. donatello says:

    Beautiful! I love the light, it’s so touching. Congratulations!!!

  56. FunReviewed says:

    Where I can download the video?

  57. Vandorius says:

    Great job guys! Great job.

    • Tom Telos says:

      Thank you!

      Was this the actual reference for the island in the movie?

  58. Dirk Schmidt says:

    Thats really quite unbelievable. I think thats (IMHO) the first Blender Foundation Movie that is stunning in BOTH aspects. Visually AND Emotionally… I was afraid its going to be way to art-house again… bot no! Not just the visuals but also the characters, voiceacting are absolutely STUNNING! This s a real movie.

    I really looking forward to see more of Frank of Victor. And hopefully I will, someday, be able to witness that piece in a theater nearby :)

  59. Shai says:

    Guys, How come it’s not on IMDB yet???

  60. Anton says:

    Awesome work great textures beautiful rendering perfect animation and music.
    I have still no idea what the story is about.
    I wonder what software is used to produce the audio.
    Great work.

    • As the visual production, audio production also use some softwares, it’s not just one. Nevertheless the “heart” of music production is the DAW – Digital Audio Workstation such as Cubase, Logic, Pro tools, Reaper(what I use in my productions) and so on… in adiction you still have to have some sound libraries to make the music happen, or maybe record real instruments, it’s up to your budget and time. Unfortunatelly, I couldn’t find many information about Sebastian Kraus, the music composer, I think he hasn’t a website.

  61. Reaction says:

    Great looking film: technically the best and most professional looking movie the Blender Foundation has ever released. But what a stupid, stupid, decision to include the f** word in the script! It is completely out of place, sounds ridiculous in this context, and for the sake of this one stupid redundant expletive will limit the ability of countless venues to show the movie in public. I urge Ton and the crew to edit this part of the audio before the DVD goes to press, or they will for ever limit the appeal of Cosmos Laundromat.

  62. edna says:

    What a beautiful combination of materials, animation, lighting, sound, story. The lot. Certainly my favourite BF production. Fantastic work everyone!

  63. Thank you!
    I am uploading the movie from the Cloud.

  64. Shivaraj D says:

    I loved it so much, I lost the count of how many times I saw it. There is something magical about it. I loved the soundtrack, it was elevating. Can you please share it in the cloud? I couldn’t download the movie in the cloud by the way.

  65. None of the prudent Americans here who don’t like to hear strong language suggested to mark the film PG-13, yet that seems to me the proper thing to do? Then we can end the discussion gracefully.

    Note that the guideline for the writer and director always was to make a film for people older than 12 years. Compared to the killing and brutal violence in many PG-13 rated blockbusters this film is a peaceful and sophisticated exercise of civilization!

    Yet, cultural differences exist. I do recognize that there are people who have different ideas on what’s decent or suitable for kids. I just wished that we also give each other space and freedom to express creativity. The makers don’t mean to harm, in contrary we meant to share a strong statement and positive storytelling experience.

  66. Chris says:

    Loved the animation, both ideas and execution – but please drop the cigarette smoking, this will damage the appeal of the movie enormously in the uk and many other countries

  67. Congrats guys, that’s one amazing short !

    Love the story, the direction and attention to details. Can’t wait to see more !

    I’ve noticed a small mistake in the french subtitle. When Victor is telling to Franck “Accordes moi une minute de ton temps précieux”, it is impératif présent, so no S to “Accorde moi”. the mistake is repeated a few seconds after. :)

    Also, why don’t you upload it on Vimeo ? I’m sure it is Staff Pick material ! :D

    Anyway, congrats again !

  68. Sahil says:

    Hey Guys!
    Awesome work!!
    The visuals are just… AMAZING!!
    but a note–
    I think Franks eye is a bit off… in 04:12
    but Victors eye looks great.. :)
    And the best thing i lovd is the Fur.. very realistic..

  69. Sahil says:

    Amazing Visuals!!

  70. rogper says:

    I’ve enjoyed pretty much Cosmos Laundromat!
    This time I wasn’t able to follow the work in progress but that’s probably a good thing. Like a good magic show, when one doesn’t know how it was made one can concentrate on how it looks rather that going in technical debates… and it looks awesome to me.
    It’s a very well done piece (at all levels, it’s all balanced in a high level) with a fresh story and a cool nostalgia add-on.
    Congratulations to the entire team and thanks for making it happen!

  71. Craig Allan says:

    Enormous congratulations to the team on the staggering quality of the lighting, the materials and wind effects. I have never before seen such quality of work in any animation. I am at a loss for words. I think the lighting really got to me. Soft, warm super-realistic sunset light. Then backlighting the wool just makes me stare, shake my head and giggle – how is it even possible to do that?

  72. Martijn says:

    Wow! Just wow! Amaazing EVERYTHING!! Story, visuals, sound, music..

    Great Job guys! This makes me proud to be a blender supporter

  73. John-Michael Mulesa says:

    Awesome work. Any chance of getting a 4K version once the public downloads are up?

    • Render times for 4k would make it very expensive. Might go to an average of 1 day per frame. We still have to gather the statistics and publish stats though.

  74. Friedrich Mauseknecht says:


    Would be great if it would be availible as torrent, have only very slow DSL connection here so watching it in HD on Youtube is not possible.

  75. Freja says:

    Er, look. Sorry to do this but we pull back from the opening scene to a long shot of the island typography and, um, there’s no tree. At all. It’s so irritating.

    Love it, really love everything about it except where’s the tree that Franck hung himself from?

    Sorry. Continuity nut here.

  76. BlendBloke says:

    I’m enthralled! Awsome trailer!
    Huge job You made guys! Thanks for that! Can’t wait to see more :)
    Cheers! K.

  77. NoMercy says:

    Dear Everyone,

    It was interesting to see, how the first 10 minutes of Cosmos laundromat created so many heated arguments. I can’t help myself, but to respond some of the comments, and share my thoughts about the first cycle.
    First of all, I really liked the movie! It was not without flaws, but it was a splendid piece of work. Interesting, how many comments focused only on the “f” word. I didn’t find it as much of a big deal, although found it completely unnecessary. Pierre Bokma did a splendid job expressing Franck’s sadness and disappointment.
    To some extent, I have to agree with Bertram G and Bill. Suicide is a heavy topic for an animation film. I don’t disapprove the idea, but it has to be handled well. If Franck’s suicide attempt meant to show how much sad and broken he really is, that is fine. But to show a disturbing scene in the beginning just to stir up emotions in the audience, I think that is wrong.
    My biggest problem, that Franck’s suicide attempt is just too brutal. Suicide is a topic heavy enough, it’s not necessary to see him suffocating that long. Even when he is pulling the branch, there is so much pain in his voice, it is hard to hear.
    I think it is more important to show Franck’s motivations behind the attempt. It doesn’t need to be explained in detail, but it has to be expressed, possibly through the interactions with other characters. A good example is when Franck meets Victor. The interaction of the two characters is hilarious! That short dialogue tells us more about Franck’s personality than anything else.
    No matter how much I liked that scene, I did feel it a bit rushed. In my opinion, Franck gave in too easy to use the timer. That pictures him as more of an impulsive person, than a tragic hero. I felt that the importance of Franck’s decision was spoilt.
    The tornado summoning was awesome! The whole scene was well animated, well-paced, even the music was very fitting. Indeed a scene worth watching over and over again.
    And finally, the quality of the animation was way beyond my expectations! We may not go to cinema just so see the new Panavision camera, but the technical aspects in Cosmos laundromat served a purpose: it created a strong atmosphere. When good animation can achieve that, it is always a delight to watch. In that sense the Gooseberry crew did a great job! It makes me want to see more! Looking forward to the second cycle!
    This comment ended up to be a bit long, thank you for reading it through! I would be happy to hear your thoughts and remarks. Wish you a pleasant day!

    • Fabio Lima says:

      The motivations of the suicide attempt are very clear, but subtle: living in an island with no way of getting out, surrounded by a bunch of dumb sheep who just want to eat and live their meaningless lives, the very fact of being a sheep, one of the most subservient animals out there… That’s enough motivation for me. Victor even says something about living a life of adventures. In my opinion, Franck was an adventurous soul locked in a boring world and just desperately looking for a way out of there, any way.

      • NoMercy says:

        Dear Fabio Lima,

        Thank you for your reply!
        I agree in some points (that island is not where I would spend my weekends), although I still think that boredom is not a completely acceptable motivation.
        It may seem nitpicking, but what if Franck would try to build a raft in the opening scene (that would be quite a challenge with his f… hoofs). When his escape plan fails, he could start yelling Nooo! Running out of options to leave a desolate island he may start to climb up to the edge of the cliff…
        But well, after watching the video a few more times, it feels better and better. If Franck would be truly an adventurous soul locked in a boring life and a boring world, his actions would be an understandable. To express this aspect of Franck, the second cycle will be decisive! I can’t wait to see it!
        Again, thank you for your comment! I wish you a pleasant day!

  78. Ravi Teja Chillara says:


  79. b says:


  80. Paul says:

    Well that was tedious and stupid. Another 10 minutes of my life wasted.

    How about someone write some proper humorous dialogue before making the next one. There are plenty of writers and comedians with time on their hands who would be happy to do it. The only mildly amusing thing was when the sheep said “fuck”.

  81. mrefran says:

    I love it, very promising!
    Advance congratulations to your team !

  82. sam r says:

    Good job, guys. Looking forward for the ‘next’ and ‘next’.

    Regarding the f-bomb, can anybody who has access to audio data mute some words so this movie can reach wider audience? May be not for main distribution if this violates the original concept, but this is practically where the ‘open’ concept differs with the main stream (.. they also have censor function).

  83. Ishmael says:

    Cool, very nice feel almost liked U felt the wind in duvet if those up close shots with the sun setting in the background. I only hope to acheive some amazing quality work with my own blender projects.

  84. Bob says:

    Anyone who thinks this was good is an idiot.

  85. Jenny says:

    Style over substance.

  86. Andreas says:

    Amazing graphics. Thanks for making this open source!

  87. Nice Video, I like it very much.

  88. Nice video, I want to watch other videos like this.

  89. SottoZen says:

    Great. Just GREAT guys!

    Love Blender and you are showing us the top level we can get with this amazing and free software.

    Thank so much for your stunning work!

    Stefano – SottoZen

  90. Riccardo says:

    Thanks for every single pixel… thanks for every single line of code.

    You’re simply amazing as well as your commitment!


  91. yogesh says:

    awesome photo realism and superb blender movie ever.
    When will soundtracks be released.

  92. robaone says:

    I was watching this video with my daughter thinking that it was safe. There is no clear indication that this has adult language and the animation lulled us into sense of safety. Then the word “fuck” was uttered by the sheep and I was totally offended and embarrassed that I subjected my kids to this.
    This is clearly rated higher than 13y.
    My daughter is every interested in animation but this is a poor way to introduce her to it.

    • Chad Burdick says:

      I watched it with my 3 year old and 15 year old you will get no complaints here Ya know I expect art and the internet to be unpredictable. Actually felt that it helped the movie a lot. with my kids it is simple I know they are going to hear words like that it’s life. They just know better than repeating them. I guess From my perspective what you shelter kids from just lets others define it for you. Blenders videos have always been mature if you ask me even when they are cartoony like big buck bunny they are clearly violent and have mature subject matter.

  93. Chad Burdick says:

    I wanted to take the time to say thank you! Yes, I know donations are always a better way to express that notion, and the day I am not in a financial mess I will be sure to make up for that.

    By thank you, I mean for everything, I know it may seem a bit discouraging to put so much time and work into not just the art but the tools to create it. Then have so few comment, or like it. Then go to youtube and see some of the most shallow and uninspired videos get huge amounts of traffic. Let me say this the majority has not been the ones who changed societies, the majority have not been the ones to inspire others more often they inspire fear, or hysteria.

    Everything you all have done has made a huge impact on my life. This year my father passed, and he had no funeral, and only a hand full of people left who even knew him. I felt he deserved so much more, So I made a mod or two that inspired me to honor him, And because of blenders tools and support, and people teaching online. I made a mod that nearly 45k people viewed and almost 800 rated highly With hundreds of inspirational and beautiful comments that not only helped me through a troubling time but inspired others and helped them with loss. all the while giving my father the dedication he deserved.

    My point to all this is sometimes in that great ocean the splash you might want to make only seems like a drop but the ripples it sends out can change the world like it has changed mine. When it is something that is open, and free it has the potential more than anything to accomplish that. Again thank you for everything!

  94. MicroZax says:

    For some reason, the music seems really similar to the music on Life Is Strange (especially in 8:07 – 8:40), the music is Obstacles by Syd Matters.

  95. JoOngle says:


    …the laundry basket says Campbell, nice touch :)

    Btw, insanely good animation. Good work people.

  96. cjkblue says:

    Brilliant movie and hats off to the animators. This is proof that randomness is entertaining!

  97. Raj says:

    Great detail and I love the lighting. Thanks for this video and long live the Blender community

  98. May says:

    I love Blender ! And this film is wonderful !

  99. Daniel Six says:

    Absolutely stunning. A religious experience for a passionate Blenderhead like myself. The technicolor clouds left me in awe, and many other scenes were extraordinary for different reasons. The 4K>HD downconversion made me an instant convert to 4K–you can really, really tell the difference even on an ordinary HD screen.

  100. Chris Yatch says:

    Jesus !!! Extraordinary !!! Thank you

  101. Anish says:

    This is such a wonderful movie.
    Please send me the link to download this movie in 4k,2k /Full HD.

    Thanks and Regards,

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