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Cosmos Laundromat Trailer

28 May, 2015 |  44 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

We proudly present the trailer of “Cosmos Laundromat, Pilot”! And man that was tough, but we managed to get all the details work together in single renders! No comp! Hair sim, grass with wind, volumetrics, all rendered in Cycles.

Work on this 10 minute film will continue in June, rendering during July, with an official premiere targeted on August.

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44 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Awesome job Blender team i’m looking forward to watch the final project

    • pedro says:

      nice very nice any tips on rendering. something just like this film?

  2. luciano says:

    So beautiful.-

  3. Braeden says:

    Simply beautiful. I just posted this to blenderartists. Great work so far.

  4. Jay says:

    So proud of all involved and Blender! Wonderful work and I really enjoy the weeklies!

  5. Lee says:

    Fantastic work guys, congrats!! Can’t wait to see the final short and follow along remaining production :D

  6. BernAr says:

    Great job! shared it :-)

  7. Hassan Yola says:

    Nice !! so promising

  8. Samuel Loy says:

    Looking Good! I’m likin’ the character animation

  9. Alexis says:

    I loved, it is pretty pretty nice, love you Blender Fundation!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tom Findrik says:

    Love it,,,,,just good intentions,advice,,,,,,,is it just me,,but wide shhot with O.T.S. Sheep
    does’nt need so much camera shake,,,it is simply too much. ;))))))

    It is faked hendheld but it goasent work.

  11. Frank Busch says:

    Wow. Impressive. Wonderful Job…

  12. Sow Ibra says:

    Love it. Next Level for the Blender Team.

  13. Lukas Perez says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the trailer, I must say. It is too flat and dull. Just two characters saying their names in almost empty scenes, with boring yellow titles in between and over exaggerated camera shaking… Sintel trailer was waaay better in comparison. I think you guys do an amazing job, but this doesn’t showcase the amount of work and love you’ve put into the film so far. You need to make it more attractive and interesting, to rouse our curiosity !

    • Carlos says:

      To rouse our curiosity? Really?…. huummm, well, you know, your comment, I mean You, are the one that is in need of such a rouse of curiosity :)

    • Sintel was an incredible condensed story, the trailer could show the first half of the story for that reason.
      Cosmos Laundromat’s Pilot is only the beginning of a longer story. A trailer for a pilot therefore cannot give too much away – otherwise the pilot itself is no surprise anymore. I think you’ll understand it later :)

  14. Samuel says:

    I think the Audio needs more work, it sound so much like a studio recording, i can’t feel the sound connecting with the environment much.

    Anyway, looking forward to the final project and hoping to buy the dvd box set

  15. Adrean says:

    Cool trailer. The camera shake is indeed a bit too much, but the rest is great! :)
    Looking forward for the final movie. :D

    Do you already know how long the movie exactly will be? Are the credits included in the 10 mins?
    So excited :D

  16. samil says:

    you guys are the best , this surely shows how one can do professional stuff with open software .BIG UP BLENDER

  17. Andy says:

    Hi Guys

    Well done on the trailer, It was awesome.

    Looking forward to the release date.

  18. Michael says:

    Firme no veo la hora de que salga para poder verlo aquí saludos desde Santa Marta – Colombia…

  19. Wendell Ramos says:

    Excelent! Congratulations!!

  20. Dieter says:

    great work!
    thank you.

  21. Jürgen says:

    Wow, this is fabulous, congratulation for this result!

  22. Stephen Norrington says:

    A beautiful glimpse – surprisingly emotional and very artful – I look forward to seeing those complex emotions and moods expanded in the full-length short – lovely choice of music, lovely work.

  23. justposted says:

    Hurrah! Great work everyone. Really appreciate the regular Cloud updates, in-depth RSS feed updates, video meetings and the rest. DVD ordered.

  24. moises torres says:

    felicidades amigos se que va estar estupenda la pelicula

  25. SottoZen says:

    Wow… looks just great guys!

    Can’t wait to see the whole film!


  26. grafixsuz says:

    Hi there guys. Great visuals and beautifully rendered. I will give it that. A lot of hard work has clearly been put into this which is aesthetically pleasing. Dialogue wise and from a trailer point of view I feel it holds little weight, sorry. Personally I didn’t get much from it other than the names… I have seen this trailer more than 30 times just to get more from.

    It perfectly fits the mold of a tech preview though. So beautiful are those renders I am thrilled to see how blender is progressing.

    None the less, you guys deserve a good ol’ pat on the back for getting this out. I cannot wait for the pilot to be released. Will there be a possibility of a second trailer being released to further develop interest in the story more?

  27. Igna Valer says:

    I love the shaders, i love the lightning, i love the hair simulations, i love the animation GOOD JOB, VERY GOOD JOB.

  28. JASON says:

    It’s awesome, but you must make the audio sounds surround.

  29. InverseTelecine says:

    The renders look great, but it really worries me that I don’t see any motion blur in the running shot. Motion blur is so essential, I hope it was just a corner cut to get the trailer out sooner and doesn’t indicate that it still isn’t possible to have motion blur on simulations. Good luck in the rush to the finish!

  30. Sebbo says:

    congratulations for the trailer peak.
    The PBR look is amazing…
    Can t wait to see..
    The (Black) sheep the tinny hairs in the face
    arrh so cool…

    P.s. Have Victors face no shadow from the Hair .???
    Looks strange red massiv Hair moving around from the blowing wind but no shadows in the face..

    Best regard

  31. yacine says:

    good job but you agree that the color grading on the picture is a lot lot better than
    the one on the trailer…and the voices sounds like a radio voice over…it’s too crisp and
    cleand for the environement…it could sound like that in a small room but not in an open
    field with wind and stuff…but it’s great already!! i’m sure evrything will be fixed for the pilot release…

  32. sean says:

    a bit late but YESSSSSS!!!!!! :)

  33. PV says:

    This is SO awesome. Great job, everyone at Blender Foundation!

  34. Alex says:

    Looks like this is Love!

  35. Stu Bowes says:

    I like this trailer, great work all round. Not sure why there are any gripes about sound or visuals. Many people like to strive for realism, but there is a point in film making (even with real film footage and audio recording) where the art takes over from reality.

    Nice colourful clouds of smoke, I wonder how you would recreate those in the real world? Maybe someone will start a video channel of how to recreate in the real world that which you can make with Blender! ;-)

  36. Charlie says:

    Sublime. I can’t wait to see the finished film! You guys are truly talented :-)

  37. Lukasz says:

    Good work! You could make another sequel of Toy Story with Blender. I’m starting my Blender experience and it’s OK.

  38. admuhi says:

    this is very cool video, not any opensource program, this very exellent,

  39. christopher says:

    great stuff blender team loved it so much i am spreading it as speak i…i am still very new to blender but i am teaching myself how to become a great blender like your team ….your fan from Africa (Zimbabwe)

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